sock knitting

I love knitting socks, I started knitting socks in 2014. My sock knitting preferences have changed so much since I started. When I started, I knit toe up socks all the time and was certain that would never change. Until last year when I knit a pair of Rose City Rollers and decided I would knit them exactly as the pattern stated which meant knitting cuff down and knitting a heel flap and gusset (instead of my go-to FLK). I love knitting socks cuff down now! I actually much prefer the way they fit compared to the earlier socks I knit for myself. And now sadly, my early socks aren’t being worn as much.

Last year my goal was to knit 12 socks, one pair per month, totally doable. I came very close, I finished 11 pairs. Pair #12 is still a WIP.


pair #1: Rye pair #2: no pattern pair #3: Menehune Cobblestone pair #4: Diagonal Lace pair#5: no pattern (scraps) pair #6: Rose City Rollers pair #7: Bickersstraat pair #8: Socks on a Plane pair #9: Rose City Rollers pair #10: Charade pair #11: plain vanilla pair #12: Blueberry Waffle (WIP)

(links are all to my ravelry notes)

I ended up with a very painful case of tendinitis early in December which is why pair #12 is still a WIP. I had pain a couple times during the year but a few days of rest always helped it go away. This time though was much much worse, so I stopped all knitting for about a month. I tried a little bit of knitting again right after the new year but after knitting the heel flap, the pain came right back, so I’m back to resting my hand again.

I’m hoping this pain will finally go away so I can get back to my sock knitting soon. It’s definitely frustrating not being able to pick up my needles whenever the mood strikes (which is almost all the time!). When I finally do get back to it, I’m going to make a serious effort to slow down more often so I can hopefully avoid another injury like this.

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