knitting right now

I’m doing a bit of knitting again and it feels really good. I’ve been doing my best to take it slow, for the most part I’m doing well with that. It’s only been a few days but no real pain has hit me.

The socks I started in December are finally now off the needles. I wasn’t sure how the yarn would knit up when I bought it and it sure is interesting. After the first sock I wasn’t sure I liked how the pooling changed throughout the sock but now I think it’s a lot of fun. They are a very squishy pair of socks, the pattern I knitΒ is Blueberry Waffle socks, a free pattern on ravelry.


After finishing these up and after a bit of rest for my hand, I used some of the left overs to knit a new square into my sock yarn blanket. There are 103 squares in my blanket, it fits over my lap nicely, it’s a cozy thing to knit on now. I need to stop putting it away for so many long stretches, maybe a square every week would be nice to knit.


A new pair of socks are now on the needles. The yarn is House of A La Mode in her Autumn Maple colorway. I’m knitting the Hermione’s Everyday sock pattern. This is the sock pattern that really made me want to knit socks,Β but I’ve never actually knit a pair of them before.


So far I absolutely love knitting these! It’s a real struggle to make myself take breaks. These are going to be for my sister when they’re finished. I’m hoping they will be her birthday socks next month though I’m not sure they’ll be done in time.Β I’m sure she’ll still be happy if they end up a belated gift.

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