bouncing WIPs

I’ve been bouncing a bit between projects recently, I usually like to stick to one project at a time but right now I’m enjoying the variety.

First up, I’m knitting some super fun neon socks. I’m knitting these for a fellow instagrammer, @olivesandpickles. She sent me a skein to knit socks for her and another for me to keep, I can’t wait to knit with this yarn again, it’s just a lot of fun. The yarn is Regia Fluormania Color.  I’m knitting vanilla socks with my Knitter’s Pride needles, which are sharper than I remembered, there’s a hole being poked into my finger, so the second sock is moving a bit slower.


A shawl is the next project I’m knitting. I’m knitting it for the Stressed Knits podcast Indie Dyed KAL. It took me quite awhile to settle on a pattern to knit up, the yarn was an easy choice, I’m using House of a La Mode. I’ve been drawn to the bias shaped shawls lately, I looked at so many before I finally settled on the Be Simple Variations shawl. There are quite a few others that I’d like to knit but I thought a free pattern would be a good one to knit first, so I can see if I actually will like wearing the shawl shape. I am loving knitting the shawl, putting it away to do other things has not been easy!


And I’ve started another scrap project! This time I’m crocheting with sock yarn, I have only a handful of teeny tiny granny squares finished so far. Right now I’m planning on these just being the centers of larger squares, my plans could change but I’m hoping they turn out how I picture them! I ordered some yarn to make them bigger and join that I think will look good with all the random colors, just need to wait on the delivery now.



lame blogger here

Looks like I’m off to a great start on my new blog, you can hand me a lame blogger award any time. Not much has been happening around here, my hand thankfully seems to be completely healed again. I haven’t felt any pain from knitting and I’ve gone a bit overboard a few times, still doing my best to avoid that though.

I managed to finish the socks I had started when I last posted, I love the finished pair. I adore the Hermione’s sock pattern, it will be one I will definitely knit again in the future. I was able to gift the socks to my sister for her birthday. I’m so happy that I was able to finish them in time for her, she’s probably the most knit-worthy person in my life. Besides my kids of course, who also all ask me for socks but I think socks will wait until their feet finish growing.

My reading goal that I set for myself this year has been going well, I’m already up to 7 books this year. I started reading a new book series in the last couple weeks, new to me, it’s actually been out awhile, book #8 was just released. I’m reading the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning, I’m pretty sure I can’t fit in anywhere in my reading challenge. I’ll get over that though I’m sure, it’s very unputdownable so far.

I started using my library’s app to read ebooks last year some time to save myself some money and for the most part I’ve loved it, although holds have frustrated me at times. For instance, holds with this new series I’m reading. I managed to snag the first book with no problem but the second was on hold. When I really get into a series, it is hard for me to just stop and wait for the next book, I held out for not even two days before I ran down to the library to see if they had it, they did. I ran into the same issue again when I was ready to read the fourth, I finally managed to get real copies from the library, I now have three of the books in hand.

Funny thing about all of that frustration is that my mother has all of the books from the series… All the frustration was truly for nothing. I normally do ask if she has a book I’m interested in reading before I go buy anything because most of the time, she owns it. I don’t know why I didn’t think to ask her in the first place!

One last thing, Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥