knits this week

Lots of knitting and reading and podcast watching has been happening here this week, even some working out has been happening. I probably won’t share much about my working out, right now anyway but I’m really happy that I’m doing it and sticking to it.

I don’t think it really looks like it in a picture but my shawl has grown a lot this week, I’m getting pretty close to being able to bind off. I haven’t counted how many stitches are on my needles now, it’s most definitely over 100. So vague. I’ll be happy when it’s done though, so I can practice how to wear it.


The book pictured is Grace & Style by Grace Helbig. It’s her second book now, if you don’t know who she is, look her up on youtube. It’s not really for everyone but she’s funny, I’ve been a fan for a few years now.

Over the weekend, I finished up the neon socks that I was knitting. I have them almost completely matching, they’re maybe off by a couple rows. Matching isn’t something I really care about but I think it’s pretty cool when it happens not on purpose.

neon socks

The socks are being sent along with a cute little bunny nugget for the sock owner’s daughter. She picked out the fun neon yarn for her mom, so I thought it might be fun to send along something for her too.

bunny nugget

This was my first bunny nugget and probably not my last, it was such a quick and fun knit! This is also my first knit toy. I’ve wanted to knit a toy for quite a long time but just felt too intimidated by it. Even though this is something so small, it still feels like a big accomplishment and I’ll definitely try out a bigger toy soon.

Now that I’ve finished up those socks, I’m going to be knitting myself a pair of socks. I haven’t knit socks for myself since the socks I finished in January. If a KAL hadn’t popped up, I probably would be knitting another pair of gift socks, I’m not sure what it is but I want to knit socks for other people lately. I’m going to be knitting for the stripey sock KAL happening in Candace’s Pinfeathers & Purls ravelry group. The socks I’m knitting and hoping to actually finish are the Stitch Surfer socks, I started and got all the way to the heel in 2014 and then frogged them. The heel was the reason I frogged the first time, it frustrated me too much but I’m pretty sure I can deal with it now, I was still too new at sock knitting back then.

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