the recents

I finished my socks recently! I’m so happy with how they turned out, I am just in love with the colorway. I honestly want to buy more of this yarn and I will if there is any left on my next trip to the yarn store. I knit the pattern, Georgia on my Mind and made one small change, I carried the seed stitch pattern into the toe. That change makes me so happy, I think they look so good this way!

Georgia on My Mind socks

I’m participating in another KAL called the Box O’ Sox over in the Yarngasm podcast group on ravelry. I don’t have a box yet and I’m very behind, this is only my first pair and there needs to be 12 by the end of the year but I think I’ll get there. Right after finishing these socks, I cast on for a new pair of socks but they have been giving me some serious grief! So far, I have cast on three times and frogged three times, I’m not sure what is happening. The yarn is another Alegria yarn and I want to knit with it so badly but I think I may have to switch to something different.

My crochet blanket has also grown quite a bit in the last couple weeks but I’m running low on yarn, so I need to go buy more. Right now it’s about baby blanket sized, I’m not sure exactly how big I will end up making it, as long as I can curl up with it, I’ll be happy with whatever size it ends up being. I just adore this blanket so much!

hexie love actually

I know my posting so far has been so sporadic but if you’ve been reading, thanks so much for taking the time to do so! It might just be me but I feel like blogs have become something not many people read much anymore. I could be completely wrong in that, it may just be all the knitting podcasts that I watch now, that seems to be the very “in” thing at the moment and it feels like that’s what people want to spend their time with right now.  Anyway, thanks for stopping by, I’ll be posting again real soon 🙂 ♥

One thought on “the recents

  1. Your blanket is very springy looking, it reminds me of a honeycomb! And congrats on all the beautiful socks you’ve been knitting. I love wearing wool socks, but break down and buy/trade for the handcranked ones at fiber shows….someday I may finish knitting a pair 🙂

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