something to leave behind

I’ve been knitting quite a bit on my sock yarn blanket lately, I touched nothing else all weekend. It’s such a relaxing knit. Relaxing is something I need more of right now. I’ve been in my head much more than I would like. Depression is such an annoying pest, I really wish it was something that could be taken away permanently. To say I’m sick and tired of it would be a major understatement.

But, knitting and even my working out seem to help a little. Although I haven’t been working out as hard as I was a few weeks ago because of all the sick that smashed its way through our house. After the sickness, my eye acted up and I had to hide in the dark for three days. FYI if a child gouges your eye with her little fingernail, you will be dealing with pain 10 years later. I have another appointment with my ophthalmologist soon to talk about getting the scar tissue taken out finally.

weekend plans

One of the major things I’ve been thinking about lately is what I want my kids to know when I’m gone. I want to be as open and honest with them right now of course but they’re so young that there are things I know they can’t deal with yet. So I bought a journal to write anything and everything they might want to know. I hope when they’re older it will be something they enjoy going through. I would definitely love if my mom did something like it. I found journal that my grandma wrote recently, it was more of a diary but I think it’s fun to know what kinds of things she was up to.

Now to figure out how to write all that I want to!

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3 thoughts on “something to leave behind

  1. I hope things are moving forward, ahead to brighter things for your home! Sickness, blah days etc are all hard enough, but when you’re struggling with things that can’t be seen it’s even more difficult. I am wishing for sunshine and no more dark days for you!

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  2. Look at all those gorgeous mini skeins! I like the idea of leaving a journal for you kids to read one day – reading your grandma’s journal must have been fascinating!

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