trying new things

I’ve been trying new things! First thing is knitting a toy! The Legacy Knitz podcast is having a Stuffy Along, you can either crochet or knit a toy. They have a ravelry group that you can post along in. I used to crochet toys all the time, so that’s what I thought I would do and actually I still might, there’s time. But, I decided to challenge myself to knit one instead.

I have knit a bunny nugget before but I felt like a full toy would be more of a challenge for myself.And it was but it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. I knit up a Brambles Bear using House of a La Mode in the Splendor colorway, in her dreamy DK base, I got in her yarn club last year. Knitting him only took me two days, we had a painter in the house all week, so I had plenty of knitting in quiet time. People in my house make me very uncomfortable! People in general make me feel uncomfortable but in  my house is much worse.


Anyway, he turned out super adorable! I think his eyes are a little bit wonky but it’s not a huge deal at all. I knit him for my son who had been asking me for a new toy for such a long time. Compared to the toys I’ve crocheted before, this bear is tiny! My hand cramped up so badly while knitting this and right after I thought he’d be the only knit toy I would ever make but I’ll try it again, it’s too cute not to. In fact, I’m going to cast on a Jerry the Musical Monkey for my daughter sometime this weekend, I’ll be using another House of a La Mode yarn.

The other new thing I’ve tried is not really a big thing, a lot of knitters do it, I cast on a new sock while still knitting another pair. I’m extremely monogamous with my socks and also I only had one set of my favorite needles. I bought a second set not long ago, in case one day something happened to the ones I love. My favorite needles are Knit Picks, they’re nice and cheap too.  I do want to try the more popular brands of needles but they’re not cheap and I like to try to not spend my money on too expensive things.

two sock wips

The bright yarn is Black Market Wool in the Groove is in the Heart colorway, I won it in one of her instagram giveaways last year. It took me far too long to knit with it, it’s such a fun colorway. I’ve already finished the first sock and am knitting on the foot of the second. I’m knitting that sock in the Vanilla Latte pattern, it’s my first time knitting this one and I’ll definitely knit it again.

The second sock I cast on is the Hermione’s Everyday sock pattern, I knit the pattern earlier this year for my sister but this pair is for me. Other than knitting vanilla socks, this is the first time I’ve knit a patterned sock again. I knit this sock with a rolled cuff instead of my usual 2X2 rib, I’m curious about how it will feel when I wear them. The yarn is Knit Picks Hawthorne in the Cosmic Speckle, it’s so much fun!

So those are the new things I’ve been giving a try lately. It feels good to give myself small challenges, I really need to start trying in other areas of my life too.

Thanks for stopping by and reading today! Have a great day ♥

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