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Since I started sock knitting, I have been entirely monogamous to each sock I knit. Recently though, I decided to try knitting more than one pair at a time. I’ve given it some time and I have decided that I don’t like it. I feel like I’ve gotten so little done when I see these two loner socks, I know that’s silly because it’s still two socks. I just like what I like I guess, so I’m going back to monogamy. I’m going to work hard to get these socks their partners over this next week.


Below are my new copies of Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre. My sister borrowed my one copy of Jane Eyre and when that happened, I suddenly felt the urge that I had to read the book. Instead of just downloading a free ebook copy, I decided to check out what different editions the book store had. I found these really pretty black & white covers and had to get them! Nothing wrong with having a few copies around (my husband thinks it’s silly), I now have three copies of Wuthering Heights and two of Jane Eyre. These two books are the only ones I have multiples of, I just love them so much, so it’s not crazy!


I’m trying to read Jane Eyre now. I’m usually quite monogamous with reading as well but a lot of books I had on hold through my library app are suddenly becoming available, so I’m having to put Jane down to read other books. I may have to just put it down until summer so I can really enjoy it.

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one week sock challenge


This week I participated in a one week sock challenge KAL. I have knit socks that quickly before but it’s been awhile and I can’t remember the last time that I did do that, so I thought it would be a fun challenge to see if I could still do it.


I did manage to finish! I started knitting Monday and cast off the second sock on Friday. Nervous energy helped me finish the first sock really fast. My husband works where there are forest fires happening all around right now, his company flew him back in Sunday but they had to evacuate again on Monday, so all of that had me nervous and made my needles fly.

I used the Every Flavor Stripy Sock pattern, I love how the leg slouches! It’s my favorite thing ever. Opal yarn isn’t the softest yarn ever but it’s beautiful and sparkly, so it’s something I can easily put up with for a bit, though I’m sure with a few washes, they will soften up some.


My hands hurt a little bit from knitting so quickly, so I’ll have to get back to knitting more slowly again. It was still a fun challenge though.

scrappy projects

I love a good scrappy project! I don’t know how I came to enjoy them so much, I wasn’t fond of the look of them for quite a long time. It’s just so satisfying to use up leftovers though, so much better than tossing them!

past scrappy projects:


The top left blanket is still unfinished, it’s an all cotton blanket made from scraps from potholders and dishcloths that I used to crochet a lot of. It hasn’t been touched in probably a year, it hurts my hands to work on.

The top right granny square blanket was one I crocheted back in 2013 during the summer.

The bottom left was an effort to use up all of the acrylic yarn in my stash. I did a pretty good job, I ended up with a nice sized blanket and not too many leftovers.

I made a magic ball out of what I had left after crocheting the v-stitch blanket. I haven’t done anything with it yet but I will at some point!

scrap jellyfish

I also made a couple scrappy toys from yarn scraps. The jellyfish was the first one I crocheted, I wish it was still kicking around, I don’t know where it actually ended up. The pattern is from Fresh Stitches.

scrappy socks finished!

Scrappy socks are fun too, last year I knit up a pair using some leftovers from my cozy memories blanket (below). These knit up pretty quick, I loved the changing of yarns.  I know not everyone loves doing these because people love a matching pair but I’m totally fine with mismatched socks!

current scrappy WIPs:


Like a million other people, I’m knitting a cozy memories blanket. I started mine in 2014 using the Hue Shift Afghan pattern from Knit Picks. I use my scraps from socks, buy minis (mostly from Nikkislipp on etsy) and I have done some mini swaps. Sometimes the blanket sits for quite a long time not being touched and other times, it’s all I want to knit on. Right now I have 121 squares in my blanket, it’s a nice lap cover but I definitely want it bigger, so I’ll still be knitting on this for a long time yet.


I also have started a Babette blanket using only sock scraps. I don’t work on it too much but I love how it looks already, so I definitely will get this finished some day.


The last scrappy WIP I have already going is a bunch of granny squares, I still haven’t found the right way to join them, so they’ve been sitting. Until I figure it out, I’ll just keep crocheting small granny squares that will eventually become something.

Even though I’ve made so many scrappy projects already and have enough WIPs, I’m dreaming of starting more. I fell in love with the Beekeeper’s Quilt when it was first released but I wasn’t confident I could learn to knit them. Now that I know I can knit, I’m seriously considering starting one. It will take years of course but my other scrappy WIPs are going to take just as long, so why not add another? We’ll see.

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all the sock knitting

Hello! I’m still here! It’s been awhile since I have opened up my computer or even taken out my camera, so all my pictures lately are from instagram. It’s pretty hard to do much of anything when I feel so off but knitting helps me not think too much, so there has been lots of that happening, especially sock knitting.

I finished the Vanilla Latte socks in Black Market Wool yarn. The colorway is Groove is in the Heart, it’s so colorful and fun!


I also finished up my Hermoine’s Everyday socks using Knit Picks Hawthorne in the Cosmic Speckle colorway. I really like the rolled cuff on these, I wasn’t sure how it would feel higher than the ankle but it feels fine so far. I’m happy that I have a pair of these patterned socks for myself now, it definitely will not be my only pair.


I’m taking part in a new KAL called the Cookie Jar Along, in this one you knit any pair of socks by Cookie A. I chose to knit her Senna pattern. Looking at the pattern intimidated me, I wasn’t sure if I could follow it, it requires a lot more attention than the usual patterns I knit. I managed to finish the first sock, there were mistakes made, mostly because I got tired and payed less attention but it’s not too noticeable. The yarn I’m knitting with is Manos Del Uruguay Alegria, the colorway on this one is just a number, A410. Second sock is being started today!


Another KAL I’m knitting for is the Fancy Feet KAL in the Grocery Girls podcast group. This one is for trying new techniques in your sock knitting. I’ve decided to try DPNs for the first time! It was super fiddly in the beginning but I’ve gotten the hang of it and actually kind of like it. I decided to knit vanilla socks because I thought it would be easier for my first DPN project. I do have small bits of laddering in some places but not too terrible. I’m using Manos del Uruguay Alegria yarn again, I really love working with this brand!


And I’ll be participating in one more KAL starting tomorrow, it’s called the One Week Sock Challenge. It’s exactly like it’s called, knit a pair of socks in one week. I have knit socks in a week but it’s been awhile since I’ve done that, so we’ll see if I can do it again. I picked up some yarn from my local store this week, it’s Opal Happy mit Silbereffekt in the Sweet and Spicy color way. It’s sparkly and wonderful! I follow my yarn shop on facebook and when she posted a photo of all the new Opal she got, this one immediately caught my eye and I went in the next day for it.


That’s all the sock knitting I have to share right now, thanks for stopping by! ♥