happy birthday

Early birthday cake! 33 tomorrow!

Today is my birthday, I’m 33. I normally could really care less about how old I am, I actually frequently forget my age when asked but I like the number 33, so I’m going to try to make it a really good year! It’s not starting off the best though, my throat and ears are causing me such awful pain, bad enough to make me go see my doctor, blah. Being sick on my birthday isn’t uncommon, I usually have something wrong, one birthday as a kid I ended up with chicken pox.

After the doctor today, I stopped by the library to grab a few books. The library has books that are newer and popular set out to borrow for only a week, so I’ll be starting with The Nest. I actually haven’t heard too much about this one other than it’s really good, so I’m going into it pretty blind. It’s nice to go into books that way sometimes. Lily and the Octopus is going to be the same thing, I’ve only heard it’s good.

I also got Mandalas to Crochet written by Haafner Linssen, her blog is here. Once upon a time I really loved mandalas, just flipping through this one has me excited, I want to crochet them all!

new library books

My socks are finally moving along! I’m knitting plain vanilla for the feet, so it should grow quite quickly.

a couple more project updates:

wig in progress

I said I wanted to get this doll finished last week but reading took over, so she sat untouched. I’m crocheting her wig right now, so it shouldn’t be much longer.

last circles to be added

I have joined the last of the squares to my scrappy blanket, I just need to get on weaving in those ends! I think I may have even figured out what I want for the border

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books & yarn

Not a lot of reading has been going on this past week, I’m still reading Their Fractured Light. I am getting more into it now though, so for today, reading that is mostly all I’ll accomplish.

This doll is the main reason not much reading has happened, I have been obsessed! I am crocheting a lot slower than I used to, my elbows hurt a few times and I had to set her aside. She’s coming together nicely though. Her arms and legs are completely moveable, I can’t remember if I’ve ever tried jointed limbs before but I love it and want to do the method on more toys.


I’m working on her sweater at the moment and the yarn is amazing! I’m feeling a bit jealous that she gets something so beautiful, I would love a sweater in this yarn too. The yarn is House of a la Mode in her dreamy DK base and colorway Autumn Plaid, it was a part of the dreamy DK club I took part in last year. I’m hoping to finish her up by the weekend.


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Happy Monday morning to you all!

This weekend was a pretty good one, we spent a lot of time out of the house, exactly how I want to spend most of the summer. I did end up with a sunburn on my face though, that I don’t want to do more of, must not forget the sunscreen! My husband is out of town at work this week, so we didn’t do anything for Father’s Day, we’ll celebrate next weekend with bowling and some BBQ. We’re very into bowling, not competitive, just for fun, so we will be bowling a lot during the summer too. Our bowling alley does a summer program where kids get to bowl two games free everyday and they give a special one time price for the parents as well, we take full advantage of the program!  We bowl at least once a month or two during the rest of the year but it can get pretty expensive, so summer is a fun time for it.

fell completely in love with a pattern I found last night, playing with yarns to use for it. Aching to start!

I spent more time inside on Sunday because of my sunburn, so I started a new project. While browsing raverly last week, I came across this doll pattern and fell absolutely in love with it! I immediately started digging through my stash and found some yarns to use. I’m really excited to have the House of a La Mode yarn crocheted up, it’s the Autumn Plaid colorway, I’ll be using it for the jacket.

I haven’t crocheted a toy since September of last year, toys were the projects I mainly crocheted before starting sock knitting. I definitely want to crochet more toys again, I have missed it!



I have a new sock started that I’ve been working on a bit too. I first started it really late at night while I couldn’t sleep and when I tried it on the next day, I couldn’t get it over my heel. I finally have it restarted with more stitches and it fits! The pattern I’m using is Cable and Lace Socks and I’m using Manos Del Uruguay Alegria yarn again.

Break from toy crocheting for some sock knitting

Have an amazing day! ♥

books & yarn

new book to read after my hands can't handle any more cotton crochet

I finished reading Landline from last week, it was a nice quick, enjoyable read. I once tried reading a book with the same type of theme and really hated it but this one I didn’t mind, it’s not a favorite though. Must have just been in the right head space for it I guess. I’m going to start reading Their Fractured Light tonight, it’s the third book in a series. I’m pretty sue that this one is the final book. This book actually finally came up in my ebook library to borrow yesterday but I decided that I wanted a real book, so we visited the library last night. I have never been much of a fan of reading hardcovers but the library doesn’t carry many paperback copies of books, so I’m trying to warm up to them.

Other than reading, I’ve been working pretty hard on my cotton scrappy blanket. I have 16 more squares to add to it, I still think that it will be as big as it’s getting after that. I will still have a decent amount of cotton left after I finish, I have four skeins that have never been broken in to, so I’m going to knit up some washcloths with the rest.

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Friday night was the night I got to see Garth Brooks in concert! I have loved him since I was very very young. He announced that he was doing a concert back in April and of course we had to get tickets, thankfully we were able to afford to do it! I don’t know how I would feel if I had missed this opportunity. The day the tickets were on sale was crazy, 5 more shows went on sale at the same time, insane! I had a computer going, my husband too and my sister. My sister was the only one who managed to get through and get them. It was a big deal, everywhere I went people were talking about what seats they got, I couldn’t even get help that day from my bank manager because he was busy on the phone trying to get tickets haha. not professional I guess but it was pretty funny.


But anyway, we went Friday night! Our seats were really good, we had zero issues seeing anything. Even as I’m writing this, I’m feeling at a bit of a lose for words. It was such an amazing experience, he is just such an amazing man. So many feelings throughout the night! I didn’t full out cry but it was close a few times. I did try to take a few pictures a couple times during the concert but I mostly just wanted to enjoy the experience. He did two shows that night, we went to the second show that was supposed to start at 10:30 but because of the first show still letting out while people were trying to get in, it started at 11:00 instead, not too bad. The concert ended after 1:30, such a late night but so, so worth it!

Garth Brooks!


I’m back crocheting my blanket again. I decided that I’m going to add another round of squares, so in the end (I think the end this time) it will be 169 squares big! Today, I’m crocheting more circles. I’ll probably ignore everything else to just concentrate on this blanket, maybe I can have it done by the weekend!


all the color of this blanket makes me feel happy while I work on it. ♥ have a happy day!

yarn along

I decided my hands needed a break from crocheting with cotton for a little bit yesterday, so I dug through my sock yarn scraps. I almost always have a lot of leftovers, even after adding to my cozy memories blanket. I decided to cast on a pair of scrappy socks, I’ll probably still have quite a bit leftover after the socks, might be time to do some mini swaps again.

Going to start some scrappy socks

Deciding what color to start with wasn’t easy, so I decided to just close my eyes and grab a yarn. I don’t care what colors go where, the scrappier looking the better I think. I’ve decided that I’m going to try out different ways of joining in the new color each time to see what I like best. For the second color, I switched between the two colors each stitch, it kind of looks like I just slip stitched. Next time I might do more than one row.

scrappy sock start and a new book

Last night I started reading Landline by Rainbow Rowell, so far I’m enjoying it, it’s a nice light read after the last couple books I finished. Last week, I started and finished All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. I really like it, I could  relate to so many of the feelings in the book.

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all scrappy…

Today I’m linking up with the Keep Calm Craft On link up at Frontier Dreams. That’s exactly what I’m attempting to do this week!

I’ve gotten back into working out again, I was still doing a little bit but this week I really got back into the make me sweat hard work outs. Doing that has been making me feel really good. Anything to keep my mind busy is a good thing right now, my cat George has been gone for two weeks now. It’s killing me not having him here, he’s not a cuddly cat but he is always by my side, he’s really a huge baby. I miss him. So, I’m trying to keep myself busy in between checking the door for him.

working on an old project, determined to finally finish it... 3 years later

As for the crafting that’s keeping me calm right now, I pulled out a very old project! Jesse of the Hungry Cat Podcast is having a KAL called Watch Me WIP, so I’m going to try to get some WIPs finished in the next couple months. I’m only going to concentrate on one at a time, not even thinking about the next one right now but I do have another blanket to finish after this.

This blanket was started back in 2013, I wanted to use up all my cotton yarn that I had. When I pulled it out, I had a bunch of circles already crocheted and ready to join. I’ve finished joining them now and have 121 squares. I still have enough circles crocheted to try out a border to finish it, if it doesn’t work, I’ll just finish with another round of squares, doesn’t hurt to have it bigger.

working on an old project, determined to finally finish it... 3 years later

The blanket so far is all I’ve really been paying any attention to. I haven’t had any socks on the needles since I finished the two last week. I have been thinking of scrappy socks for quite awhile though and today pulled out some leftovers, so I may cast on.

Going to start some scrappy socks

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