sock FOs & books

Over the last week, I managed to get the two pairs of socks finished that I wanted to get done. Now I have no socks on the needles! Back to monogamous knitting once I figure out which pattern to knit next.

Super happy with these socks!! The laddering doesn't show as bad as I thought it would when I put them on  I might try DPNs again... not my next pair but at some point

The socks above are the socks that I knit on DPNs. It was my first time doing so. I do love that they flew off the needles but I had a bit of laddering that bothered me, a lot on my last sock. I’ve found some tips, so I’m probably going to give the DPNs another try. The yarn is Manos Del Uruguay Alegria in the Agave colorway, I’m in love with the color!


I also finished up my Senna socks, a pattern by Cookie A. I made some small mistakes in the first sock, mostly yarn overs too early from not paying attention and some of my cabling goes the wrong way but I avoided the same mistakes in my second sock. I knit these again in Manos del Uruguay Alegria, no colorway name. I love working with the Alegria!


I finished two books this week, first was Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll. I had heard good things about it but I didn’t love it, I think mainly because I just did not like the main character. I also read When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi and wow, it was such a great one! You really need to be able to focus when reading this one, it’s not light reading at all. Also, you will cry by the end but reading it was so worth it! I finished in a day.

I almost skipped reading this one when it finally became available through the library. I'm glad I didn't, it was such a good one, I cried  knitting some squares before I start into a new book.

So, today I’m knitting a few squares on my cozy memories blanket before I decide which book I’ll read next. There are three that I have downloaded from the library right now. I find it so hard to choose the next book after reading a good one, kind of like choosing the next sock pattern sometimes, not so easy.

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have a wonderful day! β™₯β™₯

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