all scrappy…

Today I’m linking up with the Keep Calm Craft On link up at Frontier Dreams. That’s exactly what I’m attempting to do this week!

I’ve gotten back into working out again, I was still doing a little bit but this week I really got back into the make me sweat hard work outs. Doing that has been making me feel really good. Anything to keep my mind busy is a good thing right now, my cat George has been gone for two weeks now. It’s killing me not having him here, he’s not a cuddly cat but he is always by my side, he’s really a huge baby. I miss him. So, I’m trying to keep myself busy in between checking the door for him.

working on an old project, determined to finally finish it... 3 years later

As for the crafting that’s keeping me calm right now, I pulled out a very old project! Jesse of the Hungry Cat Podcast is having a KAL called Watch Me WIP, so I’m going to try to get some WIPs finished in the next couple months. I’m only going to concentrate on one at a time, not even thinking about the next one right now but I do have another blanket to finish after this.

This blanket was started back in 2013, I wanted to use up all my cotton yarn that I had. When I pulled it out, I had a bunch of circles already crocheted and ready to join. I’ve finished joining them now and have 121 squares. I still have enough circles crocheted to try out a border to finish it, if it doesn’t work, I’ll just finish with another round of squares, doesn’t hurt to have it bigger.

working on an old project, determined to finally finish it... 3 years later

The blanket so far is all I’ve really been paying any attention to. I haven’t had any socks on the needles since I finished the two last week. I have been thinking of scrappy socks for quite awhile though and today pulled out some leftovers, so I may cast on.

Going to start some scrappy socks

thanks so much for stopping by ♥

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