Friday night was the night I got to see Garth Brooks in concert! I have loved him since I was very very young. He announced that he was doing a concert back in April and of course we had to get tickets, thankfully we were able to afford to do it! I don’t know how I would feel if I had missed this opportunity. The day the tickets were on sale was crazy, 5 more shows went on sale at the same time, insane! I had a computer going, my husband too and my sister. My sister was the only one who managed to get through and get them. It was a big deal, everywhere I went people were talking about what seats they got, I couldn’t even get help that day from my bank manager because he was busy on the phone trying to get tickets haha. not professional I guess but it was pretty funny.


But anyway, we went Friday night! Our seats were really good, we had zero issues seeing anything. Even as I’m writing this, I’m feeling at a bit of a lose for words. It was such an amazing experience, he is just such an amazing man. So many feelings throughout the night! I didn’t full out cry but it was close a few times. I did try to take a few pictures a couple times during the concert but I mostly just wanted to enjoy the experience. He did two shows that night, we went to the second show that was supposed to start at 10:30 but because of the first show still letting out while people were trying to get in, it started at 11:00 instead, not too bad. The concert ended after 1:30, such a late night but so, so worth it!

Garth Brooks!


I’m back crocheting my blanket again. I decided that I’m going to add another round of squares, so in the end (I think the end this time) it will be 169 squares big! Today, I’m crocheting more circles. I’ll probably ignore everything else to just concentrate on this blanket, maybe I can have it done by the weekend!


all the color of this blanket makes me feel happy while I work on it. ♥ have a happy day!

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