books & yarn

new book to read after my hands can't handle any more cotton crochet

I finished reading Landline from last week, it was a nice quick, enjoyable read. I once tried reading a book with the same type of theme and really hated it but this one I didn’t mind, it’s not a favorite though. Must have just been in the right head space for it I guess. I’m going to start reading Their Fractured Light tonight, it’s the third book in a series. I’m pretty sue that this one is the final book. This bookΒ actually finally came up in my ebook library to borrow yesterday but I decided that I wanted a real book, so we visited the library last night. I have never been much of a fan of reading hardcovers but the library doesn’t carry many paperback copies of books, so I’m trying to warm up to them.

Other than reading, I’ve been working pretty hard on my cotton scrappy blanket. I have 16 more squares to add to it, I still think that it will be as big as it’s getting after that. I will still have a decent amount of cotton left after I finish, I have four skeins that have never been broken in to, so I’m going to knit up some washcloths with the rest.

linking up with Yarn Along today. thanks for reading β™₯

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