Happy Monday morning to you all!

This weekend was a pretty good one, we spent a lot of time out of the house, exactly how I want to spend most of the summer. I did end up with a sunburn on my face though, that I don’t want to do more of, must not forget the sunscreen! My husband is out of town at work this week, so we didn’t do anything for Father’s Day, we’ll celebrate next weekend with bowling and some BBQ. We’re very into bowling, not competitive, just for fun, so we will be bowling a lot during the summer too. Our bowling alley does a summer program where kids get to bowl two games free everyday and they give a special one time price for the parents as well, we take full advantage of the program!  We bowl at least once a month or two during the rest of the year but it can get pretty expensive, so summer is a fun time for it.

fell completely in love with a pattern I found last night, playing with yarns to use for it. Aching to start!

I spent more time inside on Sunday because of my sunburn, so I started a new project. While browsing raverly last week, I came across this doll pattern and fell absolutely in love with it! I immediately started digging through my stash and found some yarns to use. I’m really excited to have the House of a La Mode yarn crocheted up, it’s the Autumn Plaid colorway, I’ll be using it for the jacket.

I haven’t crocheted a toy since September of last year, toys were the projects I mainly crocheted before starting sock knitting. I definitely want to crochet more toys again, I have missed it!



I have a new sock started that I’ve been working on a bit too. I first started it really late at night while I couldn’t sleep and when I tried it on the next day, I couldn’t get it over my heel. I finally have it restarted with more stitches and it fits! The pattern I’m using is Cable and Lace Socks and I’m using Manos Del Uruguay Alegria yarn again.

Break from toy crocheting for some sock knitting

Have an amazing day! ♥

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