books & yarn

Not a lot of reading has been going on this past week, I’m still reading Their Fractured Light. I am getting more into it now though, so for today, reading that is mostly all I’ll accomplish.

This doll is the main reason not much reading has happened, I have been obsessed! I am crocheting a lot slower than I used to, my elbows hurt a few times and I had to set her aside. She’s coming together nicely though. Her arms and legs are completely moveable, I can’t remember if I’ve ever tried jointed limbs before but I love it and want to do the method on more toys.


I’m working on her sweater at the moment and the yarn is amazing! I’m feeling a bit jealous that she gets something so beautiful, I would love a sweater in this yarn too. The yarn is House of a la Mode in her dreamy DK base and colorway Autumn Plaid, it was a part of the dreamy DK club I took part in last year. I’m hoping to finish her up by the weekend.


linking up again this week with Yarn Along. thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful day! ♥

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