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I pulled out a pair of scrappy socks that I knit last year. I loved them but I never sewed in any ends, so I never actually wore them. I put them on and I didn’t love how they fit anymore, when I knit them, I was only knitting toe ups and FLK heels. Maybe my feet have changed because I don’t love either of those anymore.
my scrappy socks from last year. I am contemplating frogging them 😕 I knit them when I only knit toe up, so I don't love the cuff and I don't love the fit around my heel anymore. no ends were ever sewn in, so it wouldn't be crazy to frog... I lov

I decided I would frog the socks since they were never worn, so all the yarn would still be in great shape. I crocheted granny squares out of all the yarn that was in the socks.

dove straight in and started frogging! I'm going to make little granny squares with the yarn 💕 fun fun! #grannysquaresrock #scrappysocks #knittersofinstagram #craftastherapy #crochetersofinstagram #socktawk

I can’t remember when I started crocheting granny squares from sock yarn but the count is at 50 now. They’re cute, small squares, only three rounds. Eventually, I’ll be making them into a blanket but I think I will need a lot of them, so I’m just going to keep crocheting without a layout plan. They’re very relaxing to crochet up.

tiny granny squares! They're 3 rounds crocheted from sock yarn. I have 50 of them right now, eventually they will become a blanket but for now I'm just going to keep crocheting #crochetersofinstagram #craftastherapy #crochetgirlgang #grannysquaresrock #sc

Besides frogging and crocheting, I managed to finally cast off a sock! I haven’t cast on the second yet, I’ll cast it on soon, I fear this sock could give me a case of second sock syndrome. I love the finished sock, but for some reason it felt sluggish to me, so I better get casting on that second!

finally got the first sock off the needles! #knittersofinstagram #operationsockdrawer #socktawk #craftastherapy #manosdeluruguay

Now to my reading! I mentioned in my last post that I finished reading The Nest and I am now reading Lily and the Octopus. Another book that I didn’t have much information about before reading, I’m starting to think that could be a good thing sometimes, I’m really enjoying this one! I’m not the best at explaining books anymore, I used to love writing what I thought about books, I don’t know when that stopped. I’m going to try to be better about writing even small reviews after each book. I’ll start after finishing this one. You can add me on goodreads if you want to see if I actually manage it!

linking up with Yarn Along and KCCO this week

have a great day!!

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