year of projects

This will be my first year participating in the ‘Year of Projects‘, a group that can be found here on ravelry. I found the group this week and was happy to see that they start their new year of projects this month, so that I can join in with the fun on time!

On week 1, you share your list of projects that you’d like to accomplish throughout the year. You can see other lists in this ravelry thread and you can join in here as well.

I’m not sure if I will get everything on this list done but just making the list has me excited to get started! I’m sure I will think up many other projects as the year goes on as well but these are the ones I thought of so far.

socks – 20 pairs

toys – the love has been reignited!


miscellaneous  projects

I’ll be doing my best to post weekly updates! Hope to see more of you during this fun year of projects!

Thanks for stopping by today ♥
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12 thoughts on “year of projects

  1. Welcome to Yopping, Casey! I look forward to seeing what you make this YOP year. We’re a supportive bunch and enjoy seeing all the many things everyone creates. I clicked through your listed projects and I’ve gotta say… that Fatty Lumpkin is terrific looking. 🙂

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  2. Welcome to the YOP club! Looking forward to getting to know you more and seeing all those makes this year and lists are totally adaptable, the rules are loose, it has always been more about support and encouragement.

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