my lovely crochet doll

I realized that I forgot to share a picture of my finished doll. Can’t believe I managed not to overshare her! I fell so completely in love with this doll, she reignited my love of crocheting toys! Everything about her was fun to crochet, even the curly hair which took hours and hours.





wig in progress

fell completely in love with a pattern I found last night, playing with yarns to use for it. Aching to start!

yarns used:

  • Cascade 220; gray, aran, navy, goldenrod
  • House of a La Mode; Autumn Plaid (jacket)
  • Madeline Tosh DK; Calligraphy (skirt)
  • an unknown yarn, some type of Lion Brand I think for the hair

For her eyes, I used two brads instead of craft eyes. I only have 12mm craft eyes and I can’t buy them locally, so I thought small brads would work well and I think they do. I had originally finished her without a nose but after taking some photos, I thought she could use one. The nose is perfect!

I’m now trying to figure out what toy to crochet next! I am going to start knitting a toy next week but after that, it’s back to crocheting.

thanks for stopping by today, have a wonderful weekend! ♥



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