happy things

Let’s start with the happiest thing of all, my cat George came home! He had been gone for two months. During the last month, I started having mixed emotions because the kids kept spotting him and he would run away. So, I knew he was okay and out there, just not coming home and it was making me feel like a bad owner. I know I’m not but I sureΒ questioned it!

The George has come home two months later, for now he is anyway, we'll see what he does. I've had some mixed emotions about him being gone in the last month, he's been spotted around but just never came home and it has annoyed me a lot! He's in now though

Anyway, he is finally home again. He was definitely starving, I can feel his ribs. I can tell that he’s already starting to feel better, he’s sleeping without startling awake as much and he’s looking for wet food. He’s a spoiled cat, before this he would only touch wet food, never dry. He’s also not meowing as strangely anymore, except when I leave the house. He’s always been pretty attached to me but right now it seems to stress him out if I leave his sight too long.

knitting with this guy beside me 😻 he's calmed down a lot today, finally sleeping without waking and freaking out a little. Vet tomorrow for a check up! #knittersofinstagram #georgethecat #catsofinstagram

new projects

so loving this!! 😁 #knittersofinstagram #toyknitting #craftastherapy #rebeccadangerI started Randolph Raccoon!

glowing socks (again)

Glowing knit socks! Always fun at glow bowling!! #glowbowling #socktawk #sockknittersofinstagramI wore socks that glowed at bowling again! They’re my So Over the Rainbow socks knit in yarn by Spun Right Round.

new books

thanks @lululoves_uk for asking #widn I'm enjoying a little bit of sun and a new book while my kids are at the youth program in the park. #bookstagram #crochetgirlgangIt has been very hot here this last week and our air conditioner finally bit it, so I’ve decided to just embrace the heat a little. Also, even though it’s hot out, it’s hotter inside! We walk to the school park and I lay out my finished scrappy blanket and read a little while the kids go into the school for the youth program or play on the playground. The other day I started a new book, I Will Always Write Back. It’s about two pen pals, one in the United States, the other in Africa. I’m really enjoying it!

linking up with KCCO and Yarn Along today πŸ™‚

thanks for stopping by! β™₯

10 thoughts on “happy things

  1. So glad George is home!!! He is so handsome. Hope he stays put! OMG love the glow in the dark socks!!! I’m becoming sock obsessed and haven’t even made a full one yet, always looking at sock patterns, finished socks, sock techniques, I’m so overwhelmed LOL

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  2. Your blanket is so pretty in the sun!

    I haven’t heard of this book before, but it sounds good. I just recommended it to add to my book club’s reading list. Thanks!

    Poor George–sounds like he got more adventure than he really wanted. I’m glad he’s returned and recovering. Lots of lap sits and chin rubs will set him right again. πŸ™‚

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    • he’s not supposed to be an outdoor kitty but he suddenly got brave this year and kept running outside before anyone could stop him. He used to be terrified of outdoors, I miss those times! But, I think he may stick inside for a little while now πŸ™‚

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  3. You are so patient with blanket projects. I get anxious after 2 ft. I am beyond relieved to get that shawl off of my needle. I was so tired of knitting it. I hope to take photos of it tomorrow.

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  4. Glad George came home. When i was younger dad got mad at our cat and sadley he took her 5 miles away and let her out. (Iknow bad owner. But she was really loved). Anyway, 3 month later she found her way back home. We were all so happy, even daddy. It had been killing him. Ha. The joke was on him though because she came home carrying a littter of kittens. She lived to be 18.

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