year of projects: week 5

This week brings no finishes to share again. Maybe all the heat was getting to me (our AC bit it!), I just didn’t want to knit all that much, not even one stitch on any socks, it feels strange! I did spend a little time knitting on my Super Raccoon though!

knitting with this guy beside me 😻 he's calmed down a lot today, finally sleeping without waking and freaking out a little. Vet tomorrow for a check up! #knittersofinstagram #georgethecat #catsofinstagram

I love knitting this toy and I really can’t wait to finish. I decided to stop knitting after the face stripe and put the yarn onto waste yarn so that I would be able to stuff it before finishing. That hole between the legs is where you’re supposed to do that but it’s far too small, it would take forever!

Put in waste yarn so I can knit the snout and then stuff the body before finishing the head. there's just no way I can stuff the entire body through that small hole between the legs! πŸ™ˆ #knittersofinstagram #toyknitting #craftastherapy #rebecca

I’m going to attach all the limbs before I stuff the body. I like how this designer attaches the limbs by picking up stitches instead of sewing them on later. My kids woke up not feeling well today, so we’ll be staying in and I’ll spend some time attaching limbs.

I’m hoping to spend some time on my socks this week, I’d like to get some socks off the needles!

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