Hello! It’s the end of summer finally, I am so happy, it was much too hot this year. Some of the leaves are even changing already! The kids go back to school tomorrow and I really couldn’t be more excited this year! They have been at each other’s throats all summer, I hope it was just the heat causing it because a break would be great.

Last week, a migraine hit me hard. I couldn’t knit or read for days, the hangover lasted a couple days. It was rough, I feel like it’s been years since I’ve had one that bad. Before the migraine attack, I managed the get my first Perle Cottage Sock off the needles. I knit it in two days, it was such a difficult sock to put down. I really love how this colorway knits up.

This is such a fun sock pattern! I absolutely love the cuff!! Pattern is Perle Cottage Socks by @orangeknits & yarn is Knit Picks Felici in Balloon Ride #sockknittersofinstagram #socktawk #operationsockdrawer #craftastherapy #knittersofinstagram #knitpick

The sock is knit toe up, this was the way I first learned sock knitting, it came back really quickly. It was my first time doing a gusset on a toe up sock though, I really like it! It fits great. The second sock hasn’t gone too far because of another project I am working on but it’s cast on. I’m knitting the second with the stripes going the opposite direction, I can’t wait to see how they look together.

finally feeling well enough to do things again, I haven't had a migraine so tough to recover from in such a long time 😧 knitting the second #perlecottagesocks 💕 #knittersofinstagram #socktawk #operationsockdrawer #craftastherapy #sock

haven't knit on this blanket in a very long time! Need to get used to knitting these squares again, I might be buying a bunch of yarn tomorrow to attempt to knit a mitered square blanket in a week... it will be worsted yarn, so maybe not impossible... We'

In other knitting news, I pulled out my sock yarn blanket! I only knit one square but it helped me remember how to knit them for another blanket that I’ve started…

a blanket in 10 days? hopefully! 👍 #knittersofinstagram #knittersofig #blanket #birthdayblanket #craftastherapy #makersgonnamake #ourmakerlife

I went out and bought a bunch of Loops & Threads Impeccable yarns. This used to be my favorite yarn but I stopped using it. I think I almost became a yarn snob with using all the soft sock yarns. While I was sick though, I was using old blankets that I crocheted using the Impeccable yarn and they’re so incredibly soft still and they look good, so I decided I would try a new blanket using it again.

I’m attempting to knit a full mitered square blanket before September 7th! I’m not sure if I can do it but I’m going to try. It’s going to be a birthday gift for my son. I have been looking at blankets for months, trying to figure out the perfect one to make him. I decided on the mitered square because it was the first one he told me he wanted, months ago he told me… oh I am such a procrastinator! The squares are not tiny like my sock yarn ones, so I may actually be able to pull it off.

One year anniversary!! It was a year ago that we got these tattoo wedding rings! 💍 it was also a year ago that we finally got married! Took us a long time (12 years) but we did it!

Another thing that happened is, my husband and I celebrated our one year marriage anniversary! We went to Las Vegas last year and finally got married, after 12 years of being together. We also got tattoos instead of wedding rings, I still think they were a great idea, I love them! We actually planned on doing them before going to Vegas so they could be in the pictures but the only place we could get into here basically made fun of us for wanting tattoos on our fingers, saying they would look terrible in a year. But, they were wrong, they still look great.

thanks for stopping in today! must get back to knitting that blanket!
♥ Casey

2 thoughts on “lately…

  1. Oooooh such a colourful post! I love the blanket and the socks! As for the tattoos, this is something that quite annoys me. I am 23 and have almost £1000 worth of tattoos and find it so frustrating when people question my judgement and tell me ‘oooh but what about when you get old’. Well then i will just be a fabulous tattooed old lady! I love your mr and mrs tattoos. I think that is a very cute alternative to rings!

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