happy scrappy granny

Last month, probably before that actually, many knitters I follow on instagram started posting photos of their crocheted granny stripe blankets made with sock yarn scraps and I loved it but avoided starting one because I didn’t need another project…

I decided to do my foundation last night for my scrappy granny stripe, only the foundation to get the size figured out.... but then I couldn't stop.🙊 it's also king sized, so I spent a few hours not stopping. #crochetersofinstagram #crochetg

I knew I would start one eventually because I do love my crochet and I thought it would be great to finally use up of the remainder of my scraps, so I started winding a magic ball with the plan of waiting until after Christmas to start. That plan didn’t hold up though, I started and really couldn’t stop crocheting.

It's been a few days since I have touched this, my tendinitis is acting up again but today my hand feels pretty good. I'm slooowly crocheting row number 35, probably all I will manage but I need some of its relaxing powers! #crochetersofinstagram #crochet

hard to put down... but, I will, my hand insists. 😣 #crochetersofinstagram #crochetgirlgang #craftastherapy #scrappygranny #grannystripeblanket #crochetrabbithole #makersgonnamake

getting smaller, still has quite a few rows in it though. I'm 53 rows in! #crochetgirlgang #crochetersofinstagram #craftastherapy #crochetaddicts #crochetrabbithole #scrappyblanket

I finished crocheting from my first magic ball, I ended up with 60 rows! It's king sized, so that's a lot of yarn! I'm working on a second magic ball now that I'll get crocheting into the blanket as soon as my hand cooperates with me again! #crochetrabbit

I kept going until I used up my magic ball, I got 60 rows out of it all. It’s a very wide blanket, it hangs over my king sized bed by a couple inches. This one is so much fun to work on, I don’t believe this will be done for awhile because of its size but I think finishing it will be sad, so I’m happy about it. I’m working on winding up the second magic ball of yarn so I can get back to crocheting again.


3 thoughts on “happy scrappy granny

  1. It’s turning out really great. I like how sock yarn hooks up like that but for me, I think I will end up knitting a cozy memories blanket because I want to be able to see the square and have my memory triggered.

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