call me grandma

My husband has jokingly called me ‘grandma‘ for years because I’m always knitting or crocheting. I’ve always said that he could start saying that if I ever start crocheting doilies. Well…Β 

first doily! It turned out really pretty, am definitely going to crochet more doilies πŸ‘΅πŸ’“ #crochetersofinstagram #crochetgirlgang #craftastherapy #doily #makersgonnamake #crochetconcupiscence

Yep, I started crocheting doilies! I started with the doily above, it’s a free pattern called Textured Treasure. I didn’t use the called for 1.75mm hook because that’s just too tiny for me, I used a 2.75mm hook instead. It took me a couple daysΒ to finish and I adore the finished product! I don’t normally like to block much but I made sure to block it out the best I could, blocking really helps a doily out!

new doily in progress 😍 I bought a book of doily patterns today so I won't have to search far for my next pattern #crochetersofinstagram #crochetgirlgang #craftastherapy #doily #makersgonnamake #crochetconcupiscence

After my first doily, I searched and searched for my next one. It took a few days to choose but I ended up choosing Debbie by Patricia Kristofferson (paid pattern). I ran out of thread for this one because I used larger hook size again. I went back to buy more of the thread but they were sold out of this one, so it’s going to be sitting and waiting a little while before it gets finished. My hand needs the rest from the small stitching for awhile anyway.

not enough thread to finish πŸ˜• I guess my hand could use the rest anyway... #crochetersofinstagram #crochetgirlgang #craftastherapy #doily #makersgonnamake #crochetconcupiscence

I’m thinking about crocheting my next doily with a sock yarn from my stash, I think that would be a fun idea. I’m so excited about these doilies! I just need to figure out what I’m going to do with them all now.

β™₯ Casey


9 thoughts on “call me grandma

  1. I find it really funny when people call me ‘Granny’ for crocheting. As if on your 60th birthday you suddenly acquire the ability to make things out of yarn, as if grannies haven’t been crocheting/knitting since they were my age.
    I really love the second one, it looks so detailed.

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  2. I, too, love doilies. I always have. Momma taught me to crochet but I don’t know how old I was. She started me with cotton yarn and making dishcloths. I eventually started on doilies and have many around the house that have no use. Although I still put one that I made that is a big loose thing spidery looking one on the dining table. I have made lots of Christmas Tree snow flakes and edging on pillow cases. I am like you and those who commented above. There is not much use for them now a days except that it makes me happy to work on them.

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    • I love that πŸ™‚ I have a doily made by either my grandmother or great grandmother, my mom doesn’t know for sure, I hardened it and shaped it over a bowl to hang on my wall πŸ™‚


  3. I have made doilies since in my early 20’s. Very addictive. They are really pretty stretched on a round metal hoop to put in your window. Also they are pretty framed. I’ve seen them framed and grouped in a sweet bedroom.

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  4. My boyfriend jokes that he’ll buy me a rocking chair to match my needles and hook πŸ˜‰ Well, to be honest, I wouldn’t protest!
    I like crocheting doilies too and discovered it only recently πŸ™‚ Yours look very nice, the larger hook makes them seem thicker which is an interesting effect!

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