Our small trip out to Edmonton this weekend was a nice one, the weather was awesome for driving, a huge relief after all the stormy weather we had. I love the drive out there, it’s a few hours longer than the kids would like but I like watching the scenery. So many people say our province isn’t pretty but I’d say they’ve just never actually driven through before.

After 5-ish hours of driving, we were in our hotel relaxing. I took some time to knit and finished up the first sock that I’ve been working on. I think there’ll be a finished pair before the weekend. This pattern is most likely going to become a go-to for me, this is the third time I’m knitting it, a definite favorite. It’s Hermione’s Everyday Socks.

ready for the kitchener 💓 we're getting comfy in a hotel for the night, waiting on pizza. Then tomorrow, I get to go to @edmontonfibrefrolic 😀 so excited to check it out! #knittersofinstagram #sockknittersofinstagram #socktawk #craftast

Once I finished that, we found the hotel pool and took a little swim and if you knew me, this would shock you! I don’t love water and am pretty terrified of it but I actually loved it and need to remember that I did so that I will do it more with the kids. I thought for sure I couldn’t remember how to even float but that part came back really easily. I’d like to get brave enough to take some adult swim lessons and learn how to swim again. I did as a kid and got decently far in the lessons but had couple scary almost drowning incidents that has had me staying out of the pool for years.

The main reason we went out to Edmonton was to pick up my husband and it just so happened that the Edmonton Fibre Frolic was going on the same weekend!  The event had so many amazing booths with yarn, bags and wonderful notions. I walked out with only four skeins of yarn but I’m happy with what I walked away with. Next year though, I’m going to just let myself go nuts in there! I spotted a couple podcasters but didn’t go out of my way to say, I’m a lot too shy to do that!

The beauties I brought home from the @edmontonfibrefrolic 😍 there was much more I would have loved to have taken home, I might possibly be kicking myself just a little but next year there will be no holding back! I'm so happy that I happened to

Yarns from left to right // Sugar Tots: Succulents // Vivid Yarn Studio: Buttercup // Flock Fibre: Princess Tiger Cub // Haven Fibre Arts: Flower Shop

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crafting all over the place

I crocheted up a little unicorn last week, using a pattern from Fresh Stitches, Clarita the Pig. I made some small changes to turn it into a unicorn. The yarn is Hawthorn & Wool in her Unicorn colorway, I bought the yarn with the intention to crochet this Fatty Lumpkin pattern. I crocheted some of it but decided I didn’t actually like how it was turning out, so I tried to find a new pattern, took me awhile but once this pattern came along, I decided to use it. The hair is made from a fun fur I found in a remnants bag from Michaels, I have a lot more of the stuff and am looking for something to make with it. The unicorn is quite small but I’m really happy with how she turned out.

it's a wee unicorn 💖💖 Pattern: Clarita the Pig by @staceytrock I obviously made small changes to make it a unicorn 😀 Yarn: @hawthornandwool in her Unicorn colorway #crochetgirlgang #crochetersofinstagram #craftasth

New socks are also on my needles, my needles have sat empty for a couple weeks and I felt the need to finally change that. I’m using a set of rainbow neon minis from NikkiSlipp on etsy and a skein of Alegria in the Marshes colorway.

I have no socks on the needles, going to change that this morning #knittersofinstagram #sockknittersofinstagram #craftastherapy #socktawk #makersgonnamake

I wasn’t sure how I was going to knit these socks, I just cast on and went with whatever flew off my needles. I ended up striping the minis at the top and then switching to the Hermione’s Everyday Socks pattern. I am so in love with how the sock is looking!

I had no solid plans when I cast on but I'm very happy with where I've ended up 💕 #knittersofinstagram #sockknittersofinstagram #socktawk #craftastherapy #makersgonnamake #nikkislipp #manosdeluruguay

other yarn goodness
I have been dreaming up projects using pom poms for quite some time but I hadn’t figured out if it would work how I picture it. So, I’m making a little project right now to try it out. It’s going to be for my son and I’m actually very excited about how it’s turning out right now, I’m excited for it to be finished.

working with pom poms again #craftastherapy #pompom #makersgonnamake

This week, we’re getting ready to take a small trip to Edmonton. I found out that the Edmonton Fiber Frolic is happening the same day I will be in town, so I’m excited about checking it out. I have never been able to make it to an event like it before. I’m hoping that the weather gets better for our drive out on Friday, right now it’s storming and raining off and on with quite a few different warnings for the next couple days happening. I’m not a fan of driving on the highway in the rain, so fingers crossed that it is over by then!

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a real life finished blanket!

I had some crappy internet troubles again last week (so close to switching providers), so I couldn’t post about the projects I got finished. I feel like I have been so terrible at finishing off projects, blankets especially, that I was pretty excited that I finished pretty close to when I wanted them done.

pom poms 💕 #crochetgirlgang #crochetersofinstagram #craftastherapy #ratschebohohippieblankie #caroncakes

I was addicted to this blanket I crocheted using Caron Cakes. I think I would like to make this pattern again but with different yarn. I’d also make it much bigger, this one ended up 45X45 inches, definitely not big at all. My oldest likes it for curling up under when she’s on the couch though, so it’s being used!

It's done! This was a fun one to put together 😊 Each section is a full Caron Cake, I used the Rainbow Sprinkles colorway. I would happily crochet this type of blanket again! The pattern is from @ratschebutsch under the #ratschebohohippieblankietutor

The pattern for the blanket can be found under the hashtag #ratschebohohippieblankietutorial on instagram. I used a skein of Caron Cakes in the Rainbow Sprinkles colorway for each section of the blanket, I had very tiny leftovers from three of them. For the border, I used almost an entire skein of white Loops & Threads Impeccable yarn. The pattern for the border is free and can be found here.

Fresh off the needles to start the week! pattern: Socks on a Plane yarn: @hawthornandwool in Drift #knittersofinstagram #socktawk #hawthornandwool #socksonaplane #craftastherapy

I also managed to get my socks finished! The pattern is Socks on a Plane and it’s free on ravelry. I knit this pattern once before but gifted the finished socks, so I’m really happy I now I have a pair for myself. I love knitting this pattern, the cable is simple enough that this move pretty quick off the needles. Yarn is by Hawthorn & Wool in the Drift colorway, a local to me yarn. The dyer owns a shop in a town close to me, I visit it as often as I can, it’s beautiful. She’s a florist and does beautiful arrangements, I haven’t got one because my allergies are crazy rough but I have gotten a couple plants from her, I will suck it up at some point, her arrangements are really that gorgeous.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got today. It’s grey and chilly out, so it’s making my brain feel a bit foggy. Hope the weather is sunnier where you are! Thanks for stopping in!

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weekend plans

My husband is back from work this weekend and all next week but I think I can squeeze in some time for crocheting and knitting. I would like to be outside though if I can, the weather is supposed to be really good, in the 30’s (celcius). All week my allergies have been fighting against me being out there too long though. darn the growing season! I have allergies all year long but right now is really a crappy time for them.

after too many starts and frogs with this yarn, I feel like I finally found its project! #crochetgirlgang #crochetersofinstagram #craftastherapy #ratschebohohippieblankie #caroncakes

I started a blanket using my Caron Cakes yarn. I have started more than a few projects using it, so I’m happy that I finally found the project it wanted to be. I’m not entirely following the pattern that I found for this, it’s super easy so I only looked at it and started crocheting. It is under the hashtag #ratschebohohippieblankietutorial if you’re interested in it.

this and listening to S-town plus a noisy robin digging right by my open window. #crochetgirlgang #crochetersofinstagram #craftastherapy #ratschebohohippieblankie #potatochipcrochet

I’m really enjoying this project, it’s hard to put aside for any length of time. Granny stitches really are potato chip crochet! When I finally landed on this project, I thought it might be cool to have each section exactly the same but each skein starts and ends on different colors. I’m fine with them not being identical, I think it will still look really cool.

Maybe I'll have another pair of socks after the weekend? #knittersofinstagram #socktawk #craftastherapy #hawthornandwool #socksonaplane

I’d also like to work on these socks. I had planned on finishing last weekend but my arm acted up too much, so I set them to the side. There’s only a couple cables and a toe to finish now. I’ll be happy to have this pair to wear!

I hope that your weather is good where you are and that you can enjoy your weekend! Thanks for stopping in!


April reading recap

Every time I check out books from the library I’m asked if I want my printout but I normally decline because I know how long I have with the books. My son likes to take his to use as a bookmark and one day I glanced at his and noticed at the bottom they tell you how much you save by taking books from the library. I decided I should take mine and see what my number is at.


$672.73! That’s a crazy, awesome number! I love that they share this number. I used to buy books all the time until I decided to go back to using the library, how I stopped in the first place, I couldn’t say. I really like seeing that I’m saving money with one of my habits.

Unfortunately, now I am having a harder time getting books I want through the library since budget costs caused the end of their ‘One Province, One Card‘ program. The program made it so you could request books from any library across the province and it would be sent to your library. A lot of the books I request aren’t in my city’s libraries, so I was getting books from so many different cities all the time. The province recieved a lot of backlash from that cut back (and pretty much the whole budget but no need to get into all of that here) and they have since reversed the library cuts decision. I’m hoping they will bring back the program again soon.

Anyway, onto my April reads!

Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

This books seems a bit like a book filled with short stories, they all work together but with every narrator change I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t read the rest of their story. Other than that, I really enjoyed the book. I liked that there was a family tree in the book for reference, sometimes I didn’t know which side of the family a character was from.

The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Knowing more would have been nice but this was an amazing book even with not knowing what happened to the world. I couldn’t put it down, read it in one night.

Lucky Boy by Shanthi Sekaran

This was another great read! The book follows a young woman who makes her way into the US to find a better life for herself, from the start, it doesn’t go the way she plans. I enjoyed her story a lot. I was frustrated with one of the characters pretty much the whole book, I could feel for her situation but damn, she was a bit selfish! I still liked reading her parts, even though I was kind of rooting against her the whole time. The ending isn’t wrapped up nicely like most readers would want but I was completely fine with it.

 Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller

This was a slooow read for me, it took over a month to actually finish this one. I also technically finished in May but I spent most of April attempting to read it. The book isn’t bad, I ended up really liking it when I finally finished it. This is definitely a book I normally would have read quickly but sometimes I have a rough time after a string of great books. The book goes between letters written by a mother who has disappeared and the now adult children taking care of their dying father. The letters are all hidden in books for her husband to find, he collects books to find trinkets in them. I liked that after each letter, you are told what book it was hidden in, could be fun to look them all up.

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