April reading recap

Every time I check out books from the library I’m asked if I want my printout but I normally decline because I know how long I have with the books. My son likes to take his to use as a bookmark and one day I glanced at his and noticed at the bottom they tell you how much you save by taking books from the library. I decided I should take mine and see what my number is at.


$672.73! That’s a crazy, awesome number! I love that they share this number. I used to buy books all the time until I decided to go back to using the library, how I stopped in the first place, I couldn’t say. I really like seeing that I’m saving money with one of my habits.

Unfortunately, now I am having a harder time getting books I want through the library since budget costs caused the end of their ‘One Province, One Card‘ program. The program made it so you could request books from any library across the province and it would be sent to your library. A lot of the books I request aren’t in my city’s libraries, so I was getting books from so many different cities all the time. The province recieved a lot of backlash from that cut back (and pretty much the whole budget but no need to get into all of that here) and they have since reversed the library cuts decision. I’m hoping they will bring back the program again soon.

Anyway, onto my April reads!

Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

This books seems a bit like a book filled with short stories, they all work together but with every narrator change I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t read the rest of their story. Other than that, I really enjoyed the book. I liked that there was a family tree in the book for reference, sometimes I didn’t know which side of the family a character was from.

The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Knowing more would have been nice but this was an amazing book even with not knowing what happened to the world. I couldn’t put it down, read it in one night.

Lucky Boy by Shanthi Sekaran

This was another great read! The book follows a young woman who makes her way into the US to find a better life for herself, from the start, it doesn’t go the way she plans. I enjoyed her story a lot. I was frustrated with one of the characters pretty much the whole book, I could feel for her situation but damn, she was a bit selfish! I still liked reading her parts, even though I was kind of rooting against her the whole time. The ending isn’t wrapped up nicely like most readers would want but I was completely fine with it.

 Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller

This was a slooow read for me, it took over a month to actually finish this one. I also technically finished in May but I spent most of April attempting to read it. The book isn’t bad, I ended up really liking it when I finally finished it. This is definitely a book I normally would have read quickly but sometimes I have a rough time after a string of great books. The book goes between letters written by a mother who has disappeared and the now adult children taking care of their dying father. The letters are all hidden in books for her husband to find, he collects books to find trinkets in them. I liked that after each letter, you are told what book it was hidden in, could be fun to look them all up.

Thanks for stopping by today!
♥ Casey


4 thoughts on “April reading recap

  1. That’s a neat feature; sorry your library is limited due to budget cuts. Our county covers several branches which is nice. Some branches only open for a day during the week. Thank goodness the one near us is open every day.

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