Our small trip out to Edmonton this weekend was a nice one, the weather was awesome for driving, a huge relief after all the stormy weather we had. I love the drive out there, it’s a few hours longer than the kids would like but I like watching the scenery. So many people say our province isn’t pretty but I’d say they’ve just never actually driven through before.

After 5-ish hours of driving, we were in our hotel relaxing. I took some time to knit and finished up the first sock that I’ve been working on. I think there’ll be a finished pair before the weekend. This pattern is most likely going to become a go-to for me, this is the third time I’m knitting it, a definite favorite. It’s Hermione’s Everyday Socks.

ready for the kitchener 💓 we're getting comfy in a hotel for the night, waiting on pizza. Then tomorrow, I get to go to @edmontonfibrefrolic 😀 so excited to check it out! #knittersofinstagram #sockknittersofinstagram #socktawk #craftast

Once I finished that, we found the hotel pool and took a little swim and if you knew me, this would shock you! I don’t love water and am pretty terrified of it but I actually loved it and need to remember that I did so that I will do it more with the kids. I thought for sure I couldn’t remember how to even float but that part came back really easily. I’d like to get brave enough to take some adult swim lessons and learn how to swim again. I did as a kid and got decently far in the lessons but had couple scary almost drowning incidents that has had me staying out of the pool for years.

The main reason we went out to Edmonton was to pick up my husband and it just so happened that the Edmonton Fibre Frolic was going on the same weekend!  The event had so many amazing booths with yarn, bags and wonderful notions. I walked out with only four skeins of yarn but I’m happy with what I walked away with. Next year though, I’m going to just let myself go nuts in there! I spotted a couple podcasters but didn’t go out of my way to say, I’m a lot too shy to do that!

The beauties I brought home from the @edmontonfibrefrolic 😍 there was much more I would have loved to have taken home, I might possibly be kicking myself just a little but next year there will be no holding back! I'm so happy that I happened to

Yarns from left to right // Sugar Tots: Succulents // Vivid Yarn Studio: Buttercup // Flock Fibre: Princess Tiger Cub // Haven Fibre Arts: Flower Shop

Thanks for stopping in! Have a great day!

♥ Casey


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