reading recap-ish

I took a look at my reading challenge on goodreads today and I’m two books behind my goal right now. I have abandoned more than a few books this year already, so it feels like I’ve read more than I guess I actually have. Also, I am catching up pretty quickly right now, I have a stack of books from a garage sale to get through and about three books waiting for me at the library right now. I don’t think it will take me long to get on track again.

Of all the books on this list, there’s only one I can say I really didn’t enjoy muchΒ  (Boyfriend Sweater).Β  If I hadn’t already confessed that I have abandoned books, you’d think I was having some really amazing reading luck!

  1. When We Were Worthy by Marybeth Mayhew Wahlen – 3 stars
  2. Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate – 5 stars
  3. A Place Called Winter by Patrick Gale – 3 stars
  4. Castle of Water by Dane Huckelbridge – 4 stars
  5. Be Frank With Me by Julia Claiborne Johnson – 3 stars
  6. Pachinko by Min Jin Lee – 5 stars
  7. The Heart’s Invisible Furies by John Boyne – 5 stars
  8. The Arrangement by Sarah Dunn – 2 stars
  9. The Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater by Alanna Okun – 3 stars
  10. The Good Liar by Catherine McKenzie – 5 stars
  11. The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah – 5 stars

Just sharing my star ratings, I feel at a loss for words when I’m trying to describe what I thought about the books for some reason. It’s very frustrating! I really used to love writing out reviews, I don’t know what happened.


cough. cough.

has it really been that long since I sat down to write here? I just checked and it’s been longer than I thought it was. We are heavy into allergy season, so I am hiding away indoors today because I ran out of my allergy meds and forgot to pick some up yesterday. Ugh. don’t do that! So, I’m sitting here trying not to scratch my skin off and blowing my nose constantly. The medicine I do take hasn’t been working all that great but now that I have nothing in my system, I know that it was doing a little bit of good.


My lumpectomy in April went well, all the tests came back completely clear, what they thought could be hiding something turned out to be a radial scar. My surgeon told me I was good to just go on with life, no repeat mammogram in a year will be needed either because my cyst is gone as well. There are still small ones but as long as they don’t grow too big or cause me pain, I should be done with mammograms until my 50’s.

In knitting and crafting life, I have finished up a few things since I last posted.

not exactly a pair but close enough! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„

I knit three pairs of socks for myself. The sock on the left is the Blueberry Waffle pattern in the Princess Tiger Cub colorway by Flock Fibre Studio. The right sock is Mulberry Cream in the Buttercup colorway by Vivid Yarn Studio. I bought both yarns at last year’s Fiber Frolic in Edmonton, I didn’t make it there this year but next year I’ll make sure to get time off work to drive out there.

Finished my stripey socks today too! I love these stripes! the amazing yarn came from @thewoolbaron #craftastherapy #stripeysockskal2018 #sockknittersofinstagram #socktawk

I also knit a pair of vanilla socks with some awesome stripey yarn from The Wool Baron in her Crazy Confident colorway. I saw this yarn knit up by another knitter on Instagram and immediately bought myself a skein, it’s so much fun! I also crocheted that black & white pillow recently, it’s just granny squares joined into one big one and then I joined the edges together to fit a pillow in. I have wanted to crochet a pillow in this style for so long, I am so happy with how it looks finished. I am thinking of crocheting a matching one soon.

finished my Fibery Friends sampler today πŸ’• it's so pretty and it was my first project done on linen, which made me nervous but it really is just like evenweave! ‍♀️ now, I can buy all the pretty linen for future projects!

Lastly, just today I finished stitching up this fun Fibery Friends sampler. I’ll be finishing it off in a hoop once I buy a small enough one for it. It was my first time stitching on linen, I always heard that it’s just like stitching on evenweave and I guess I didn’t know if I should believe the people saying that but it really is. And now I can’t wait to buy some more linen to use for future projects.

That’s most of the catching up I had today. I think. Allergies muddle my head so much, I can’t really remember!

Talk later!