About Me!

WHO: Casey

WHAT: mom, crocheter, knitter, reader

WHEN: mom since 2004, crocheter/knitter since 2008, reader since a child

WHERE: Canada

WHY: I started this blog again after some time away from my old blog Plus 3 Crochet, I didn’t feel comfortable sharing much there anymore but needed a space to write again, so I started up this blog. I deal with a lot of depression and anxiety and I have found that crocheting and knitting help keep me sane, so I do both crafts as much as I possibly can.

Want to know a little more? Read my Yarn Story!

You can find me at these other places:


4 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Hi Casey … I’m new (again) to crocheting and loved your Bunny Lovey but don’t see a pattern/instructions for it. I’m not very savvy on Ravelry yet so wondering if you can help me. I’m currently crocheting for my daughter’s friends’ babies with the hopes that my daughter and her hubby will soon be the recipients of my baby blankies and hopefully a Bunny Lovey!

    Anyhow, if you could possibly share the Bunny Lovey pattern/instructions, that would be wonderful! Thank you.

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  2. Hello, in 2013 you knitted a backson doll from Winnie the Pooh. I have a 10 year old Autistic son who loves the Backson and wants a doll. I was wondering if I could contract you to make one as I do not knit and cannot find a doll like this anywhere. If so please let me know what the cost would be. He would like it for Christmas. I have a PayPal account and can pay that way or you can let me know how you bill. The backson you made in 2013 is spot on. Please advise me at your earliest convenience. Thank you.


  3. Love your blog and your work. I love crochet and find it very calming and I always take my crochet when I am travelling for that very reason. It is snowing here in the UK and I have had to cancel my travel plans, but finding your blog has cheered me up. Thanks for sharing.


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