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Well, hello! Happy Halloween Eve πŸ™‚

It’s been quite awhile since I have posted an update for Year of Projects, two months to be exact! Yikes.Β I have ticked off a few projects from my initial list since then though!Β I’m going to just share my finishes this week for my update πŸ™‚

socks – 5/20

finished these beauties the other night!πŸŽ‰ I love everything about them, the cuff is the best! πŸ’— . . #perlecottagesocks #perlecottagekal #perlecottagefo #knittersofinstagram #knittersofig #socktawk #operationsockdrawer #craftastherapy #boxo

finished #oneweeksockchallenge socks!! I love doing these challenges every so often, thanks @jennemerson for hosting them and giving me an excuse to whip out a pair of socks 😊 pattern is Vanilla is the New Black with a rolled cuff and yarn is #baere

I finished a couple pairs of socks, the Perle Cottage Socks and Vanilla is the New Black socks. The heel in the last pair was so much fun to knit, I’m thinking it may be a new favorite, I haven’t worn them much but so far I like the fit. I hope it will pair well with other patterns.


this blanket is around half way done, maybe, almost too big to get a decent sneaky shot, without the recepient spotting it. My hand has rebelled a few times but I'm hoping to push through! Knitting feels so slow though, I wish the boy would have wanted a

I stitched up a tag for the birthday blanket, I'm planning on doing these for all future blankets I make for the kids! #knittersofinstagram #birthdayblanket #craftastherapy #makersgonnamake #ourmakerlife

I knit my son a blanket for his birthday in September, I never actually grabbed a “finished” shot of it, it’s pretty big, it fits his twin sized bed. For it, I stitched up a little tag with his birthday so that if he still has it when he’s older, he’ll be able to remember when he got it.

I had planned on attempting to get blankets made for each of my kids during this year but after rushing so much with this last blanket, I think I’ve decided that I want to make them blankets for the big birthdays, like 13. That gives me a pretty good amount of time before I need to make the next one, over a year, my oldest will be 12 this year.


got my crochet on for a Halloween costume prop πŸ’€ . . . #crochetgirlgang #crochetersofinstagram #craftastherapy #amigurumi #crochetaddicts #makersgonnamake #toymakers #crochet #halloweencrochet #halloween #wednesdayaddams #doll

When I started trying to figure out what I’ve made in the time since I last updated, I was sure I hadn’t done any toys but I almost forgot about this one! My daughter is dressing up as Wednesday Addams for Halloween this year, so I crocheted a headless doll for her carry around.


a little kerchief cowl just in time for the first day of fall! πŸƒπŸƒ #knittersofinstagram #crochetgirlgang #crochetersofinstagram #craftastherapy #amigurumi #freshstitches

I knit up a cowl for my house squirrel (pattern here). I had planned on knitting him a shawl after I crocheted him a year ago but never did it. I’m a good procrastinator! I was knitting a shawl but gave up on it being the right size and made a cowl instead, it’s still cozy looking though.

cheeseburger tissue cozy

Lastly, I crocheted a cheeseburger tissue cozy for my eldest’s birthday in December. I’m really excited to give this one to her!

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Thanks for reading this week, I’m hoping I won’t fall behind on updates again.
β™₯ Casey


year of projects: week 8

Hello, happy Sunday!

IΒ  missed posting an update last week, not sure why I skipped posting but it happened. I do have some progress to share this week though.

socks – 3/20

finally a finished pair of socks! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ #sockknittersofinstagram #knittersofinstagram #socktawk #boxosoxkal #manosdeluruguay #ggsecondsocksummer

cast off my second sock last night! Love the Jelly Roll pattern! I need to find more yarn to cast on a second pair in the larger size so I can add the arch ribbing #knittersofinstagram #socktawk #sockknittersofinstagram #jellyrollsocks #operationsockdrawe

I finished my Cable & Lace socks! I also finished my Jelly Roll socks! It’s nice to have some finished pairs happening again. I planned on not casting any more socks on until I got the Blueberry Waffle socks off the needles but those aren’t for me…

cast on the new sock pattern from @orangeknits πŸ’“ I haven't knit toe up in a long time, thought it might feel super weird but it all came back to me! Enjoying this one a lot so far! The yarn is Knit Picks Felici in the Balloon Ride colorway :ball

I just cast on this new pair today using Knit Picks Felici in the Balloon Ride colorway. The pattern is a new one called Perle Cottage Socks, if youΒ buy this weekend, it’s 50% off. I’m really enjoying it so far, so much that I may be at the gusset already. It’s my first time knitting a gusset on a toe up sock.


a flipping adorable sheep! 😍 He's naked now but he'll get his sweater soon πŸ‘ Pattern is by @attic24 #crochetgram #crochetgirlgang #crochetersofinstagram #craftastherapy #amigurumi #crochetaddicts #makersgonnamake

IΒ stumbled onto a super cute sheep pattern and immediately had toΒ crochet one.Β It was an extremely quickΒ and fun project to crochet. The pattern is WoollyΒ Sheep and canΒ be found for freeΒ onΒ Lucy’s site,Β  Attic24. He still needs a sweater and I will hopefully get to it soon.

I did not work on any of my blankets in the past couple weeks and I didn’t do any projects to fall into my ‘miscellaneous’ category.

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year of projects: week 6

It’s Year of Projects update time again. This week I actually wanted to knit and found time to do it, so I have a finish and work on socks happened!

socks – 1/20

not long ago I decided to go back to monogamous sock knitting because I couldn't stand so many socks going at the same time... 😜😜 #knittersofinstagram #sockknittersofinstagram #operationsockdrawer

I still don’t have a finished pair but I’m working on it and hopefully will have at least one pair next week!Β I now have three HOs (half finished objects). The Blueberry Waffle sock was super quick once I settled into knitting it, once I kitchenered the toe, I cast on for my second Cables & Lace sock. I’m trying not to loose momentum with my socks again.

had a productive knitting day even with a headache that knocked me out for awhile 😡 finished up the first sock for my husband and finally cast on the second of my cables & lace socks #knittersofinstagram #socktawk #operationsockdrawer #craftast


I finished a toy! My Super Raccoon came off the needles on Wednesday. Knitting this toy really was so much fun. I knit him using mostly Vanna’s Choice yarns and a 3.25 needle. The eyes almost disappear in some light but I’m letting that be ok, I tried to add white felt behind them but it looked crazy, so I just added the black eyes to the black stripe. I don’t think anyone but me really cares about it anyway!

Super Raccoon is ready to fight crime! He's crazy cute 😍 my son has been very patiently waiting on this guy, so he took him the moment I snapped this picture. I love that he still likes what I make! πŸ’“ #knittersofinstagram #toyknitting

I knit this guy for my son and he snatched him as soon as I was done getting this one finished picture. My oldest wants me to knit her toy from the same book as well, so I will be starting on that soon.

blankets – didn’t work on any of my blankets this week.

miscellaneous – nothing this week

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year of projects: week 5

This week brings no finishes to share again. Maybe all the heat was getting to me (our AC bit it!), I just didn’t want to knit all that much, not even one stitch on any socks, it feels strange! I did spend a little time knitting on my Super Raccoon though!

knitting with this guy beside me 😻 he's calmed down a lot today, finally sleeping without waking and freaking out a little. Vet tomorrow for a check up! #knittersofinstagram #georgethecat #catsofinstagram

I love knitting this toy and I really can’t wait to finish. I decided to stop knitting after the face stripe and put the yarn onto waste yarn so that I would be able to stuff it before finishing. That hole between the legs is where you’re supposed to do that but it’s far too small, it would take forever!

Put in waste yarn so I can knit the snout and then stuff the body before finishing the head. there's just no way I can stuff the entire body through that small hole between the legs! πŸ™ˆ #knittersofinstagram #toyknitting #craftastherapy #rebecca

I’m going to attach all the limbs before I stuff the body. I like how this designer attaches the limbs by picking up stitches instead of sewing them on later. My kids woke up not feeling well today, so we’ll be staying in and I’ll spend some time attaching limbs.

I’m hoping to spend some time on my socks this week, I’d like to get some socks off the needles!

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year of projects: week 4

Hello, happy Sunday!

I didn’t knit too much this week, we spent a lot of time out of the house and I got pretty caught up in just doing outdoor things, so I didn’t pull out too much knitting. Although, I did knit at the beach for 30 minutes, that was nice and relaxing.

knitting with the whitest legs at the beach!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ never any color on me! #knittersofinstagram #socktawk #beachknitting

socks – 1/20

I have three pairs of socks on the needles! I tried this being non monogamous before and hated it but I’m at it again. I don’t even know how it happened. I worked on two different socks during this past week.

I say nope to the heat today! Hiding in with air conditioning & my Jelly Rolls, ready to start knitting the arch ribbing. #knittersofinstagram #socktawk #jellyrollsocks #craftastherapy #sockknittersofinstagram #knitpicks #hedgehogfibres

I cast on my Jelly Roll socks, I love the double cuff, it’s so much fun! I have gotten into the ribbed arch but I’m planning on ripping it back to knit just a plain foot, the ribbing is just too tight. I think if I had knit a size up, it would fit fine. For the next pair, I’ll have to remember to cast on more stitches.

blueberry waffling! It's the Regia Fluormania, it was a birthday gift & my husband hinted he wanted socks from it, so I'm being nice and knitting it for him. I've knit with the brand before and I liked it but this ball is not feeling great at all, hoping

I also cast on socks for my husband with the Blueberry Waffle pattern.Β He was out of town the day before my birthday and stopped into a yarn shop where he was and bought me two skeins of the Regia Fluormania in Neon Ocean. He thought I needed two for one pair but I don’t mind, I’ll just be sure to knit myself socks to match. I have knit socks from this line before and I liked it but this skein is not feeling great at all. I absolutely love how it looks, so I really hope a good soak will soften it up!

toys – still none but I have Knit Superheroes by Rebecca Danger out from the library, so I will be casting on Randolf Raccoon.

blankets – didn’t touch any again this week.

miscellaneous – nothing this week.

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year of projects – week 3

I didn’t update last week, I had nothing to really share since I had shared my list so close to the end of the first week. I have things to tick off my list now though!

socks – 1/20
finished my #oneweeksockchallenge socks last night!! πŸ’“ #knittersofinstagram #socktawk #operationsockdrawer #boxosoxkal #rainbowknits

When I first wrote out my list, I didn’t have a number of socks I wanted finished but I updated it and now want to get 20 pairs done this year. I have my Jelly Rolls on the needles right now, so I may be able to cross those off the list next week! I did finish one pair last week as part of the One Week Sock Challenge.

toys – none

blankets – didn’t work on any!


It's a pretty small basket... I love it!!! πŸ’•πŸ’• also love such a quick little project! #crochetgirlgang #crochetersofinstagram #craftastherapy #crochetaddicts #michaels #woolease #chunkycr #crochetbasket

haven't started the Jelly Rolls yet but I did cast off a sock bookmark! πŸ’“ so much fun!! & another quick project 😊 I used @blkmktwool yarn in Groove is in the Heart colorway 😍 #knittersofinstagram #sockknittersofinstagram #sockta
I crocheted a little basket and knit a sock bookmark, both were quick, satisfying projects πŸ™‚ I’m going to start working on a mandala or two this week, need to put that library book to use before it’s due back!

That’s all I have this week, thanks for stopping in! See otherΒ Year of Project updatesΒ here.

Have a great Sunday! β™₯

one week sock challenge (2)

doing the #oneweeksockchallenge again! am using Felici Dark Side, it's my first time using Felici & I understand all the hype now, it's great stuff!! πŸ’• #knittersofinstagram #socktawk #operationsockdrawer #boxosoxkal #craftastherapy

back to my sock! #oneweeksockchallenge #knittersofinstagram #socktawk #operationsockdrawer #craftastherapy #rainbowknit #knitpicks

rainy afternoon plans β˜” making good progress on my #oneweeksockchallenge socks, I'll most definitely finish before the week is up 😊 #knittersbookclub #knittersofinstagram #socktawk #teamgarterstitch #teamstockinette #booksandyarn

finished my #oneweeksockchallenge socks last night!! πŸ’“ #knittersofinstagram #socktawk #operationsockdrawer #boxosoxkal #rainbowknits

I participated again in the One Week Sock Challenge. The week started on Friday and I cast them off on Wednesday, so I did finished the challenge! I wasn’t sure if I would do the challenge again because my hands were sore last time. My hands feel completely fine after this weeks, so I’ll probably be in for another round again!

some of my birthday presents finally came in the mail!! πŸ’•πŸ’• so excited about all the stripey yarn, I haven't knit with it before! shirt is from @theyarnmamas I have another one coming still, that will hopefully be in before the CP loc

I used Knit Picks Felici in the Dark Side colorway. It was my first time using the yarn, my husband bought me 5 colorways for my birthday this year.(also a fun crochet t-shirt)Β I’m excited to knit up more stripey socks, this yarn was so great to knit with.

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