hello sock mojo

Hello! After my week of wearing my knit socks last month, I definitely got my sock knitting mojo back. Soon after, I started knitting a pair.

๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™ pattern - Pebbles by @knittingexpat yarn - @yarnink in the Siren colorway #knittersofinstagram #socktawk #operationsockdrawer #craftastherapy #sockknittersofinstagram #makersgonnamake

finished my socks! I love this yarn by @yarnink ๐Ÿ’• I'll definitely be buying more again! Leftovers about to go into my blanket. Pattern is Pebbles by @knittingexpat #knittersofinstagram #sockknittersofinstagram #socktawk #craftastherapy #yarnink

It’s the Pebbles sock pattern by Mina Philipp and I used Yarn Ink for the first time. It’s a yarn I will be buying again, it was so great to knit with and it comes in a very generous skein, 463 yards. I followed the patttern by only knitting on the front of the sock, it’s a nice look. I knit my favorite rolled cuff and did a plain heel flap, it was my first time doing that and I really like the way it looks, so I’ll probably do it again.

Rainbow up next ๐ŸŒˆ #knittersofinstagram #sockknittersofinstagram #socktawk #craftastherapy #knitpicks

I cast on for another pair of socks the same day I finished the last. I’m using Knit Picks yarns, Felici in the rainbow colorway and Stroll Tonal in the Pearlescent colorway. For the pattern, I’ve mixed the Jelly Roll with the Rose City Rollers pattern. I have been wanting to knit a pair like this for quite awhile now, so they feel like they are flying off the needles!

striped socks really do knit themselves! I didn't plan on finishing a sock today but this just flew off the needles! #knittersofinstagram #sockknittersofinstagram #socktawk #craftastherapy #knitpicks #jellyrollsocks #makersgonnamake

I’m pretty sure I will have a lot of yarn left, so I want to knit a matching pair for my oldest. They are socks that she would like and I have never knit her socks before, so I think it would be a nice surprise for her.

Having socks on the go again has been really comforting, I feel like a cloud has lifted from over me. Ugh, how dramatic sounding! But, it’s how I feel.

โ™ฅ Casey

daily knit socks

Last week was a rough one. My son had a terrible stomach virus that had me taking him to the ER twice. ย Thankfully it was nothing serious and after spending a few hours each time trying different things, we got to go back home. It lasted about a week, but he is in no more pain and is himself again. So, I was tired and decided to give myself a small challenge of wearing a different pair of my knit socks every day. I haven’t been wearing my knit socks so much this year, so it was fun to pick out a fresh pair each day. The idea came from a hashtag on instagram named #dailyknitsocks.

This last week was rough, the youngest ended up with a really bad stomach virus that took us to the ER twice ๐Ÿ˜ฅ thankfully he's doing so much better now, we'll see how tonight goes, yesterday was good until night too, would love not t

Sunday #dailyknitsocks ๐Ÿ’• #knittersofinstagram #socktawk #flyingkettleyarn

Monday #dailyknitsocks ... yarn is @nomadicyarns ๐Ÿ˜ #knittersofinstagram #socktawk #sockknittersofinstagram #sockstagram

Tuesday #dailyknitsocks ๐Ÿ’š #knittersofinstagram #socktawk #sockstagram #sockknittersofinstagram

Wednesday #dailyknitsocks plus my growing Skew, this not an easy project to put down! #knittersofinstagram #socktawk #sockknittersofinstagram #sockstagram #craftastherapy #skewsmekal

Thursday #dailyknitsocks #sockstagram #sockknittersofinstagram #socktawk #knittersofinstagram

Friday โ˜โ˜ #dailyknitsocks #sockstagram #sockknittersofinstagram #knitpicks #socktawk #knittersofinstagram

Doing this has given me the sock bug again, I want to cast on all the socks! I also found out that I have some sock repairing to get done soon, four pairs of them, not so fun but it has to be done I guess.

Have a great Monday!
โ™ฅ Casey

reading recap (January – March)

I’m going to attempt to do these ‘reading recap‘ posts every month or two, I’ve been terrible at writing up reviews again on my goodreads account. Something I want to work on again and maybe a recap post will help me with that.

This year, I’ve set my reading challenge goal at 25 books on goodreads. I’ve read six books this year, one I only read half of but it still shows up towards my challenge annoyingly, I need to figure out a way to stop that.

The Girl Before by Rena Olson

This was my first read of 2017 and it was a good one, I read it entirely in one day, it was just too hard to put down. It’s not a slow paced book,ย you know what’s going on from the start and it’s quite disturbing. Loved this one, a great start to my book reading year.

The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

I had seen this book around quite a bit and it sounded like it would be a really good read, so I was happy when it finally showed up on my hold shelf at the library. I read more of this than I normally do before completely giving up on a book, I made it half way through but I just couldn’t deal with the writing anymore. The writing style reminded me of books I might have read as a tween.

Lost Souls by Kelley Armstrong

I was excited to read this one! One day I decided to check out Kelley Armstrong’s facebook page and found out about this one, I hadn’t heard anything about this one being out. I bought the e-book immediately and sped through it.ย This is another book from the Cainsville series, mainly about Gabriel and Patrick. Patrick brings Gabriel a fake case that ends up not so fake, so he can spend time with him, there’s a reason for that but if you haven’t read the books, I think it’s a bit of a spoiler. I really enjoyed it, it was a good read to holdย one over during the wait for the next Cainsville book.

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

I have seen that a lot of people read this one in high school, it was never a book that we read in school, so it wasn’t really on my radar I guess.ย A lot of people seem to be rereading this one again, so I noticed it and picked it up. This is a good one and I understand why it would be a book read in school.

The Bear by Claire Cameron

This was such an interesting book! It’s told from a five year old girl’s point of view andย I think it was done really well, although some parts didn’t quite sound right.ย So much of this was intense to read, Anna (the five year old) wakes up on a camping trip and her parents are being killed by a bear. Terrifying. It’s really not that gory because she doesn’t really understand anything that’s happening around her. The book follows her trying to take care of her little brother while they wait for their parents. This was such an intense and sad book, I definitely recommend reading this one!

Commonwealth by Kim Patchett

I was at the library at the cover of this one caught my eye so I grabbed it without even really checking what it was about. This book follows two families that break up because of an affair. The book flies between family members through many years but it worked. I enjoyed this one a lot, it was written so well. I’ll be checking out more books by this author.

What books have you been enjoying this year so far? I’m always happy to get recommendations!

โ™ฅ Casey

call me grandma

My husband has jokingly called me ‘grandma‘ for years because I’m always knitting or crocheting. I’ve always said that he could start saying that if I ever start crocheting doilies. Well…ย 

first doily! It turned out really pretty, am definitely going to crochet more doilies ๐Ÿ‘ต๐Ÿ’“ #crochetersofinstagram #crochetgirlgang #craftastherapy #doily #makersgonnamake #crochetconcupiscence

Yep, I started crocheting doilies! I started with the doily above, it’s a free pattern called Textured Treasure. I didn’t use the called for 1.75mm hook because that’s just too tiny for me, I used a 2.75mm hook instead. It took me a couple daysย to finish and I adore the finished product! I don’t normally like to block much but I made sure to block it out the best I could, blocking really helps a doily out!

new doily in progress ๐Ÿ˜ I bought a book of doily patterns today so I won't have to search far for my next pattern #crochetersofinstagram #crochetgirlgang #craftastherapy #doily #makersgonnamake #crochetconcupiscence

After my first doily, I searched and searched for my next one. It took a few days to choose but I ended up choosing Debbie by Patricia Kristofferson (paid pattern). I ran out of thread for this one because I used larger hook size again. I went back to buy more of the thread but they were sold out of this one, so it’s going to be sitting and waiting a little while before it gets finished. My hand needs the rest from the small stitching for awhile anyway.

not enough thread to finish ๐Ÿ˜• I guess my hand could use the rest anyway... #crochetersofinstagram #crochetgirlgang #craftastherapy #doily #makersgonnamake #crochetconcupiscence

I’m thinking about crocheting my next doily with a sock yarn from my stash, I think that would be a fun idea. I’m so excited about these doilies! I just need to figure out what I’m going to do with them all now.

โ™ฅ Casey

life and yarn lately

yarningย lately

my #dailyknitsocks and some yarn I'm thinking of winding up to get a new sock cast on, have really missed sock knitting this last month. #knittersofinstagram #knittersofig #socktawk #craftastherapy #manosdeluruguay

I cast on that fun pink yarn fromย the Flying Kettle, I bought it maybe two years ago, it may be my oldest sockย stash yarn. I decided I would knit a pair of shorties for my first pair this year, I also thought I could whip them out pretty quickly but I am knitting pretty slow and only giving myself less than an hour a day to work on them. The slowness is hard but I’m getting used to it and I haven’t felt even a twinge of pain, so I think it will be something I need to stick to if I want to continue knitting socks.

About to turn the second heel finally. It's been hard to knit as slow as I have been, no pain makes it worth it though ๐Ÿ˜Š #knittersofinstagram #socktawk #operationsockdrawer #craftastherapy

โค #craftastherapy #makersgonnamake #crochetgirlgang #crochetersofinstagram #crochetrabbithole #scrappygranny

I’ve also been working on my granny stripe blanket but it’s set aside for I don’t know how long… I have used up all of my scraps. The blanket has gotten to be a decent size but not big enough to use at all yet, I’m regretting the size I’m making a little right now. I thought about frogging it completely but I realize that’s a whole lot of crazy! (I think) I have mini skeins on the way to me right now and I’m knitting socks again, so at some point, it’ll get finished.

life things lately

Happy Valentines Day! โค kids got these freaking adorable cookies this year! Cookies are from @jessievirginia #happyvalentinesday

Valentine’s Day happened last week and I found these super fun cookies to give to my kids this year. They are just the cutest and they were super delicious too. I’m really happy to have found this decorator, I will be ordering from her many more times.

Hard to avoid any water on our walk to and from school now, this one was half way up my shins ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ฅ still enjoying the long almost 3km walks twice a day though but I will enjoy it more once it's dried out again

The weather has been getting really nice lately, so we’re walking to school now. I have been keeping track of the walks and I’m walking about 3km twice a day! My legs were not loving it at first but now I’m really enjoying it. The only problem with the good weather is all the melting that’s been happening and the puddles that come with that melting. There’s a lot of avoiding but sometimes you just can’t get around the puddles. This one I avoided one way but took my chances coming back only to find it went half way up my shins. It was not very fun! I’m really ready for everything to finally dry up around here.

Made our way to the game exhibit at WDM today, the oversized controllers were fun! #yxe #wdmsaskatoon

Just this weekend, we made our way to see a game exhibit at our museum and it was so much fun. There were a lot of older games to try out, along with some over-sized controllers to use. We all had a lot of fun, afterward we went through Boom Town, which is a little street with buildings to go inside. I can’t even count the number of times that I have been there, it’s my favorite place to visit. They have a small version of an Eaton house there now that is a lot of fun to see, it’s the same house that my dad grew up in and I lived in for a short amount of time as a kid too. It’s obviously shrunken down and they only have a few rooms to view but I find it cool to see there.

The kids have this week off of school now, so there will hopefully be lots of outside time if the weather keeps being a nice as it has. A library visit will have to be put in somewhere too!

thanks for stopping by today, have a great day!
โ™ฅ Casey


The past weeks haven’t been the greatest around these parts. We have moved and that is great, the move went as well as it could with two kids down with the stomach flu. Made for an even more tiring day but we got through it and everyone is all healthy again thankfully.

You go out for an hour and he acts like you've been gone a week ๐Ÿ˜ฟ I don't mind how much he loves though ๐Ÿ’“ #georgethecat #catsofinstagram

About a week before we moved, weย gaveย up our cat George. It was a decision we fought against for months but ultimately it had to be done. My son has an allergy to cats, it was manageable and was only ever really an issue whenever he was sick but after last summer it became an issue for him all of the time. We decided that it was time for himย to go before we moved so that our son could move into a place free of animal hair. I can honestly say that we really tried to make it work, though some days I don’t believe it. It has been really rough, George was very attached to me and I was to him as well, he was my constant shadow, my baby, I miss him like crazy.

I haven’t been able to write about this before now, I wanted to but every time I sat to do it, I would lose it. All the people who say “it’s just a cat” would laugh at how well I’ve taken losing him. Ugh. Crappy times. I know it was for the best and one day I will be able to say that without crying.


happy scrappy granny

Last month, probably before that actually, many knitters I follow on instagram started posting photos of their crocheted granny stripe blankets made with sock yarn scraps and I loved it but avoided starting one because I didn’t need another project…

I decided to do my foundation last night for my scrappy granny stripe, only the foundation to get the size figured out.... but then I couldn't stop.๐Ÿ™Š it's also king sized, so I spent a few hours not stopping. #crochetersofinstagram #crochetg

Iย knew I would start one eventually because I do love my crochet and I thought it would be great to finally use up of the remainder of my scraps, so I started winding a magic ball with the plan of waiting until after Christmas to start. That plan didn’t hold up though, I started and really couldn’t stop crocheting.

It's been a few days since I have touched this, my tendinitis is acting up again but today my hand feels pretty good. I'm slooowly crocheting row number 35, probably all I will manage but I need some of its relaxing powers! #crochetersofinstagram #crochet

hard to put down... but, I will, my hand insists. ๐Ÿ˜ฃ #crochetersofinstagram #crochetgirlgang #craftastherapy #scrappygranny #grannystripeblanket #crochetrabbithole #makersgonnamake

getting smaller, still has quite a few rows in it though. I'm 53 rows in! #crochetgirlgang #crochetersofinstagram #craftastherapy #crochetaddicts #crochetrabbithole #scrappyblanket

I finished crocheting from my first magic ball, I ended up with 60 rows! It's king sized, so that's a lot of yarn! I'm working on a second magic ball now that I'll get crocheting into the blanket as soon as my hand cooperates with me again! #crochetrabbit

I kept going until I used up my magic ball, I got 60 rows out of it all. It’s a very wide blanket, it hangs over my king sized bed by a couple inches. This one is so much fun to work on, I don’t believe this will be done for awhile because of its size but I think finishing it will be sad, so I’m happy about it. I’m working on winding up the second magic ball of yarn so I can get back to crocheting again.