crafting all over the place

I crocheted up a little unicorn last week, using a pattern from Fresh Stitches, Clarita the Pig. I made some small changes to turn it into a unicorn. The yarn is Hawthorn & Wool in her Unicorn colorway, I bought the yarn with the intention to crochet this Fatty Lumpkin pattern. I crocheted some of it but decided I didn’t actually like how it was turning out, so I tried to find a new pattern, took me awhile but once this pattern came along, I decided to use it. The hair is made from a fun fur I found in a remnants bag from Michaels, I have a lot more of the stuff and am looking for something to make with it. The unicorn is quite small but I’m really happy with how she turned out.

it's a wee unicorn 💖💖 Pattern: Clarita the Pig by @staceytrock I obviously made small changes to make it a unicorn 😀 Yarn: @hawthornandwool in her Unicorn colorway #crochetgirlgang #crochetersofinstagram #craftasth

New socks are also on my needles, my needles have sat empty for a couple weeks and I felt the need to finally change that. I’m using a set of rainbow neon minis from NikkiSlipp on etsy and a skein of Alegria in the Marshes colorway.

I have no socks on the needles, going to change that this morning #knittersofinstagram #sockknittersofinstagram #craftastherapy #socktawk #makersgonnamake

I wasn’t sure how I was going to knit these socks, I just cast on and went with whatever flew off my needles. I ended up striping the minis at the top and then switching to the Hermione’s Everyday Socks pattern. I am so in love with how the sock is looking!

I had no solid plans when I cast on but I'm very happy with where I've ended up 💕 #knittersofinstagram #sockknittersofinstagram #socktawk #craftastherapy #makersgonnamake #nikkislipp #manosdeluruguay

other yarn goodness
I have been dreaming up projects using pom poms for quite some time but I hadn’t figured out if it would work how I picture it. So, I’m making a little project right now to try it out. It’s going to be for my son and I’m actually very excited about how it’s turning out right now, I’m excited for it to be finished.

working with pom poms again #craftastherapy #pompom #makersgonnamake

This week, we’re getting ready to take a small trip to Edmonton. I found out that the Edmonton Fiber Frolic is happening the same day I will be in town, so I’m excited about checking it out. I have never been able to make it to an event like it before. I’m hoping that the weather gets better for our drive out on Friday, right now it’s storming and raining off and on with quite a few different warnings for the next couple days happening. I’m not a fan of driving on the highway in the rain, so fingers crossed that it is over by then!

Thanks for stopping in! Hope you have a great rest of your week.

♥ Casey


happy things

I like to put together these posts once in awhile because sometimes I focus on too much of the bad things going on around me and it makes me feel miserable. Seeing that there really are some good things actually happening help me beat that feeling.

the fringe
henna tattoos with my girls again! No line at the tent tonight 😊 #yxefringe

We went down to the Fringe in town a couple times this last week and saw some good shows, the @undeadnewlyweds were definitely our favorite act though! 💀 #yxefringe

The Fringe is my favorite annual summer event in the city, we went down to see acts a couple times last week. The henna tent was busy, so we didn’t get to it until our last visit. These tattoos are lasting much longer than our Canada Day ones. We managed to catch a few acts while there too, the Undead Newlyweds were our favorite this year, we hope they’ll be back again next year.

sock knitting
had a productive knitting day even with a headache that knocked me out for awhile 😵 finished up the first sock for my husband and finally cast on the second of my cables & lace socks #knittersofinstagram #socktawk #operationsockdrawer #craftast

ignoring the housework that needs to be done to knit my sock #knittersofinstagram #sockknittersofinstagram #socktawk #craftastherapy #manosdeluruguay

I’ve been making good progress on my socks, ignoring housework to do so too. The Cable & Lace socks are very close to being finished.

looking back
looking back...

Putting together the ‘My Yarn Story‘ post was a lot of fun, I enjoyed going back and seeing all the projects I’ve made. The toys were especially fun to see, I hope to get making toys more often again.

♥ Casey

my lovely crochet doll

I realized that I forgot to share a picture of my finished doll. Can’t believe I managed not to overshare her! I fell so completely in love with this doll, she reignited my love of crocheting toys! Everything about her was fun to crochet, even the curly hair which took hours and hours.





wig in progress

fell completely in love with a pattern I found last night, playing with yarns to use for it. Aching to start!

yarns used:

  • Cascade 220; gray, aran, navy, goldenrod
  • House of a La Mode; Autumn Plaid (jacket)
  • Madeline Tosh DK; Calligraphy (skirt)
  • an unknown yarn, some type of Lion Brand I think for the hair

For her eyes, I used two brads instead of craft eyes. I only have 12mm craft eyes and I can’t buy them locally, so I thought small brads would work well and I think they do. I had originally finished her without a nose but after taking some photos, I thought she could use one. The nose is perfect!

I’m now trying to figure out what toy to crochet next! I am going to start knitting a toy next week but after that, it’s back to crocheting.

thanks for stopping by today, have a wonderful weekend! ♥


books & yarn

Not a lot of reading has been going on this past week, I’m still reading Their Fractured Light. I am getting more into it now though, so for today, reading that is mostly all I’ll accomplish.

This doll is the main reason not much reading has happened, I have been obsessed! I am crocheting a lot slower than I used to, my elbows hurt a few times and I had to set her aside. She’s coming together nicely though. Her arms and legs are completely moveable, I can’t remember if I’ve ever tried jointed limbs before but I love it and want to do the method on more toys.


I’m working on her sweater at the moment and the yarn is amazing! I’m feeling a bit jealous that she gets something so beautiful, I would love a sweater in this yarn too. The yarn is House of a la Mode in her dreamy DK base and colorway Autumn Plaid, it was a part of the dreamy DK club I took part in last year. I’m hoping to finish her up by the weekend.


linking up again this week with Yarn Along. thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful day! ♥

Happy Monday morning to you all!

This weekend was a pretty good one, we spent a lot of time out of the house, exactly how I want to spend most of the summer. I did end up with a sunburn on my face though, that I don’t want to do more of, must not forget the sunscreen! My husband is out of town at work this week, so we didn’t do anything for Father’s Day, we’ll celebrate next weekend with bowling and some BBQ. We’re very into bowling, not competitive, just for fun, so we will be bowling a lot during the summer too. Our bowling alley does a summer program where kids get to bowl two games free everyday and they give a special one time price for the parents as well, we take full advantage of the program!  We bowl at least once a month or two during the rest of the year but it can get pretty expensive, so summer is a fun time for it.

fell completely in love with a pattern I found last night, playing with yarns to use for it. Aching to start!

I spent more time inside on Sunday because of my sunburn, so I started a new project. While browsing raverly last week, I came across this doll pattern and fell absolutely in love with it! I immediately started digging through my stash and found some yarns to use. I’m really excited to have the House of a La Mode yarn crocheted up, it’s the Autumn Plaid colorway, I’ll be using it for the jacket.

I haven’t crocheted a toy since September of last year, toys were the projects I mainly crocheted before starting sock knitting. I definitely want to crochet more toys again, I have missed it!



I have a new sock started that I’ve been working on a bit too. I first started it really late at night while I couldn’t sleep and when I tried it on the next day, I couldn’t get it over my heel. I finally have it restarted with more stitches and it fits! The pattern I’m using is Cable and Lace Socks and I’m using Manos Del Uruguay Alegria yarn again.

Break from toy crocheting for some sock knitting

Have an amazing day! ♥